Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Beaver

Sorry no pictures
My mom, and some others keep bugging me about posting! I know, I know! I REALLY need to get with it, but despite what everyone else may think, I have a busy life! Letting guys take me out on dates is NOT always fun and games! Haha just kidding! =) But really....
Anyway, I work two jobs, and barely have enough time to have a fun life. So.. the blogging world is not on the priority list. Sorry ladies!
To give you an update though.. my amazing married couple of roommates..(Nicole and Chase) are moving back to the sweet town of Showlow. Nicole is going to be doing Massage Therapy. Nicole found out that it was going to turn out to be like $8,000 cheaper than here in Mesa. So.. out into the streets me and Cole go! haha just kidding.
I actually was offered to live in my cousins' Brigg and Kami's rental house down here when i was first thinking about moving, but when I moved down there was no room. But now there is room! So that is where I'll be living in January. One of my cousins (Barry Brown) His friend had a roommate move out just recently so that is where he is going to be living. No worries folks.. He's not a complete stranger to him. Cole knows him from the singles ward and stuff, and he's way cool... I acutally have a date with him this next week! ha..
For those of you interested..
I went on a date with my cousin's wife's cousin. haha that's kinda confusing.. but his name is Rex Willis. He's way cool, and way cute! haha if you want details let me know, and i'll tell you about it!
That is pretty much my life right now! I'll post later about my favorite holiday..Thanksgiving!! Well.. one of my favorites.. definitely on the top 3! =)