Wednesday, October 29, 2008


8 TV Shows I like to watch:
American Idol
The Office!
The Hills
Gilmore Girls
it :)

8 Restaurants I like:
Olive Garden
Cafe Rio
Taco Bell-yes it counts as a restaurant!
Panda Express
Mom's Kitchen
Anything with good food really...

8 Things that happened today:
Woke up
Went to Buckle
Tried SO hard not to spend money today...Succeeded! :)
Picked out some shirts for Coley to buy and wear!
Went to work at Natalie Jean's
Got a speeding ticket :(
Went to my awesome Aunt Leisha's!
Got Taco Bell-Went home

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
This weekend
Some way cute pants to come in at Buckle so I can buy them:)
My Birthday
Eating dinner as soon as I finish this stupid tag thing!
Sleeping tonight!
Til my hair grows out super LOOOONG!

8 Things on my wish list:
Buy these super cute jeans at Buckle
My hair to be like so long and beautiful
A million dollars..that'd be nice
My mom didn't ground me from coming home on weekends... :(
A huge walk in closet!
Start school.. like now.
internet at my house
World peace.

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