Monday, December 5, 2011

beckham scott dixon

blog world meet beckham. 

this handsome boy arrived on thanksgiving day (nov. 24th) at 12:37am. 
he weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces. & was 20 & 1/2 inches long. 

& we can't get enough of him!

Monday, October 10, 2011

whoa, baby!

we have 6 more weeks until critter comes to earth, folks.

ask me if i am excited.
go ahead. ask me.
{the answer is um, yesduh.}

things that are happy around here:

6ish weeks until i get to hug, kiss & squeeze my little guy.

critter kicks me all the time. & kicking=alive. which is obviously a good thing.

the nursery is coming along. still have to paint, but we're almost there!

the little baby onsie's & footie p'j's are SOO dang cute!
*i may or may not hold the clothes like a baby & day dream about what critter will look like. {which is adorable btw}

if you can't tell we are pretty excited around here for the arrival of this babe. it's all i think about!

it's seriously amazing how much i am crazy in love with him already & i don't really even know him yet.

i hope he looks like his adorable father.

i hope he has his eyes, & grows up to have the same drive, motivation, & positive/everything is & will be fine attitude.

i hope he gets my toes, cause eric's are too long. haha

i hope he gets my legs, & eric's torso. cause i kinda want super tall kiddos.

i know he will get both eric's & my love for pepsi or just soda/caffeine period.
let's get real. he is probably already addicted to it.

i hope he knows his dad's & my love for our Heavenly Father, & Savior, Jesus Christ.

i hope he knows that we will always love him. {no matter what}

i hope he grows up to serve a mission. & will love the opportunity to serve. just like his father.

i hope he grows up to love the scriptures.

i hope he grows up to be his dads best friend, & be a mama's boy. ;)

i hope he has my button nose.

i hope he sucks his thumb, just like i did. (but not for too long.... cause i did).

i hope he is heathly.

i hope he learns the importance of prayer.

i hope he sees how important it is to be an example. & realize how many people really do notice.

i hope he makes good choices.

i hope he has a full head of hair.

i hope he builds a testimony of the gospel.

i hope he is a chunky baby.

i hope i can teach him everything he needs to know to progress, & be a great young man.

i hope he sleeps through the night.

& i really hope he loves his parents. ;)

there are soooo many more things that i hope for this little boy. those are just a few.

i cannot wait for his arrival!

did i mention there are 6 weeks left?! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

eric's mini-me

this is the text convo that i just had with eric a few minutes ago:

j: "as much as i love feeling this baby & knowing he is alive & ok in there, i just wish i could transport this baby inside of you for a day so you could feel just how crazy he is...then you might feel sorry for me or something, because he has not stopped moving today."

e: "he's my mini-me"

j: "there is no doubt about it."

e: "unfortunately, when you think he's kicking it is actually just his dixon nose."


i love him & his "dixon nose" soooooo much.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 weeks

21 weeks today!

i swear i am getting bigger every day.

i also felt critter kick or jab me for the first time last night. ♥
it's amazing, & he does not stop moving! he totally takes after his father.

i was {pretty much} prepared for this when in every ultra sound we've had critt. flipped, kicked, punched, & swam like a baby on crack.

i secretly {or not so secretly} think every nudge is just him saying, "hey mom, i love you." or "hi-ya, take that." haha

did i mention i am totally in love with this little guy?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20 week ultrasound

critter is still a boy :) 

& he sucks his thumb! ♥ 

& i love him soooo much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 weeks, & 5 days

only 163 days to go.
i can't wait to kiss my baby BOY :) 

*can't really tell what that is up there? 
don't worry i can't really either... my dr. just took a picture & said, "you're having a boy" so that's proof... i guess. 
ps: i'm {really} pretty sure the arrow is pointing to the "proof"

that's right. we're having a boy! 

...& i already bought a diaper bag. :) 

& it's really fun referring to critter as a "he" instead of "the baby" because calling it "it" is too mean.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

"...then comes a baby in a baby carriage."

isn' cute? :) 

i'm having a baby!!! 

oh. my. gosh. i am having a baby. ♥
*& while it's a no gendererrrr its name is critter. 

due: november 25th! 

i. can't. wait. & we are so, so sooooo {did i say so?} excited!!

i hope it's a boy.
but i hope it's a girl. 
but i hope it's a boy. 
but i hope its a girl. 
but i hope its a boy. 
but i hope it's a girl. 

i bought a new skirt today & when i told eric he said, "babe, why did you buy a new skirt? don't you know you are going to get fat?" 

awesome. i didn't realize you get fat when you are prego. {uh, duh i did.}

i can't believe how good i feel. i definitely thought i'd be soooo sick. but i'm so grateful i'm not at all. i mean, i get occasional nausea, heartburn after every. single. meal. & i'm ready for bed by 12:00pm. but other than that i feel pretty good. 

actually.. today has been the first day i haven't felt exhausted, like, i want to go to bed & sleep for the rest of my life in 3 months! :) 
i forgot what that felt like... haha

i'm already starting to show.... which i am in love with. 

*10 weeks. {i'm now 11}
i love that there is this baby in me who is half of me & half of the man who i am completely in love with. 

it's a.mazing. i love critter already. & i {seriously} can't wait to hold this babe in my arms & kiss the crap outta him/her. 

the fact that i am going to be a mother. aka: responsible for this little, tiny life kinda scares me, but i can't wait to take on a that responsibility. 

if i can be half as good of a mom as my mom was.. then i'll be fine. 

november 25th better come fast. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

1 year anni

we celebrated our 1 year anni on saturday!

oh. my. gosh. i CANNOT believe it has been 1 year since this day:

 & let me just say.. it has been seriously the best year ever. 
*i would do it all over again. ;)

i hear newlyweds say that the first year was hard, but i can honestly say that this year wasn't hard at all.

maybe we just aren't normal. 
or maybe just soooo in love. haha jk. but seriously....

we spent the day sleeping in til, like, 9. it was heaven.
my parents were in town, but we kinda ignored them. {sorry ma!}
eric took my brand new bike to get fixed. 
ps: in case you were wondering. i broke it the 3rd time rididng it.. :( 
pss: who knew you weren't supposed to wear jeans when riding a bike????
eric got home & bought a bike for himself too. 
after he got home we went to get a massage. um, it was very heavenly! 
then we came back & went on a romantic ride to taco bell for lunch. then to eric's parents house & back. 
it was so much fun. & i bet people thought we were kinda strange. personally... i thought we were adorable & you would too if you saw us riding side by side holding hands.
*& yes. we really did do that. haha

after our bike ride eric told me to back my bags cause we were going to a resort for the night. 
so...a few hours later we were on the road to the boulders where we stayed til sunday afternoon. :) 

i am so grateful for the amazing guy eric is! he bends over backwards to make me happy. i love him so much & i am so glad he asked me to marry him. i feel very blessed & lucky to call him mine. :) 

love you, babe! & happy 1 year anni! :) 
here's to a whole bunch more! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


my husband is hilarious.
& part of his hilarity comes from something his family calls "the dixon sleep genes"

& eric is very affected {blessed?} with the very entertaining gene.

well..... this morning i was getting ready for work & he was snoozing in the bed.
*very, VERY asleep i might add.

then his alarm went off.
ps: it was the sound of ducks quacking.
why he thought he would wake up to ducks when he doesn't wake up to a blow horn going off is kinda mind boggling to me, but this night he chose ducks.

anyway, i hear the ducks & like always {at least a dozen times} i say, "babe/eric your alarm is going off."
which is code for turn off that annoying sound.
*if i didn't tell him to turn it off it would go off for seriously, like, an hour. or more.

so he turns over, & turns it off. as he turns back over i hear..........
& then he goes back to sleep like it didn't even happen.

freaking hilarious i tell ya.

i love that man. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i am so {so,so,soo} in love with american idol this year.

let's get real, i was a little...{or a lot} skeptical of the new judges, but i LOVE steven tyler, & j-lo is so nice! 
k, so these are my favorites:

i seriously LOVE paul mcdonald the most. 

next, casey abrams. {he's eric's fav}

then lauren.

then hotty, scotty, patotty...

& haley. {i ♥ her raspy voice}

who are your favs??? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a {sweet} giveaway

there is an awesome giveaway going on.
*via photography blog. by the one & only pie in the sky. :)

they have shot eric's sister's super cute family
the pictures are beyond adorable.
& amanda has some pretty mad skills.

well in order to win i havta tell everyone how i would like to shoot my sweetheart.

eric & i just got married like, almost a year ago, so we have the typical engagements & the tender bridal slash tux & wedding dress photos. so something fun & totally spontaneous{ish}, shooting us in the moment style, showing our silly & pretty moments would be fun. these pics would be our first batch of our family photos.
i picture shooting my sweetheart in his sevens for all mankind jeans, the hot plaid button up shirt he just bought, & me in my dress & boots. in the background would be a field maybe with the sun setting in some photos. it would have some props, like a desk with a lamp, a cute chair/couch, or just something simple & random, like, balloons, the feeling would be romantic & sweet. :) plus kissing photos. {ps: eric told me to put that :)}

i hope i win! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

on this fine eve'

so eric is working late tonight. & i. am. so. so. so. bored.

so far i have sat down with the electric foot messager, a fluffy blanket, & watched:
"the secrets of the secret service" the entire episode
*kinda interesting. not gonna lie...that took up about an hour in a half of my time

half of the 5:30 news..actually it was about 1/4 of it

tmz about 10 minutes of it.

the rest of last nights "the 8 limbed boy"

dr. oz

then i fell asleep....

and now i am browsing the internet..
ya know, the typical facebook stalking, blog stalking, & trying to find things i want to buy {not one thing btw}.

now i am thinking about what to eat for din since the cute, brown hair, blue eyed boy is not going to be home for another 5 hours...

*just got off the phone with him. it's actually going to be about 2 hours. for real.

my house is {pretty much} clean. 

i should probably do laundry, make my bed, and put away the clean dishes.
but instead....

i think i'll go put a load of laundry in the wash,  pick up that taco bell & xl pepsi, sit in front of the tv (again) & watch american idol
without that hot boy we talked about earlier. {he might be mad, but i'm over it. we have dvr :)}

then i'll exercise & do another load of laundry. 

most productive day. like, ever. haha {on opposite day}

wow, i feel lazy.

happy thursday!