Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Homemade Oreo Cookies!

Home-made Oreo Cookies! Very Delicious! =)
(these ones in the picture aren't very pretty.. but they still taste VERY yummy!)

Today I made these DELICIOUS Homemade Oreo Cookies! They are 10 times better than the ones you get at the store!...Thanks Aunt Cindy!

2 boxes of Devils Food Cake
4 Eggs
2/3 cup of Oil

2 8oz. of Cream Cheese
2 Sticks of Butter
2 Pounds of Powder Sugar
2 Tsp. of Vanilla

Directions: (DO NOT follow the cake directions on box)
Mix Cookie mixture together, (dough should be thick) roll into balls, and set on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 Degrees for 8 minutes, then flatten the cookies with a spatula and bake for another 2 minutes.
After cookies cool, put frosting in-between 2 cookies and put in fridge to chill. Then....Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wiggles is a game that my family, and friends play whenever we're bored and we have a camera. I'm not gonna lie, I ROCK at making ugly/funny faces!
How to play: Don't stop moving your face around and take pictures at random times and WAHLA you get funny pictures! =)
This weekend was my cousin's farewell, and me and my cousins were pretty bored so we decided to play...you guessed it-WIGGLES! So, here are some pictures for you to check out! =)
It's only a few... The other ones were too ugly to blog.
Now go out and play, and show me your ugly faces! =)

Bored in the car on the way to Showlow-My personal favorite! =)
Lookin' a bit chinese... haha
Shea's lookin like a clown, and Chels like Scooby Doo!

Kinda Scary... =\ haha but SO funny! Right?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy BELATED Birthday!

There are 54 more days until Cole get's home from his mission! I am SO excited! He is my best friend! And I have missed having him around the house! He will be returning home from having serve an honorable mission on September 18th!

Cole's birthday was on the 13th, so here is a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big brother!

This is Cole to the "T" he always was wearing cut off T-shirts to show his "muscles"

Coley is such an amazing brother! He has always tried to choose the right, even when others around him are not. He has an awesome personality! And is always trying to make others laugh. He is creative, and has a great imagination! Sometimes you find yourself asking, "where in the heck does he come up with this stuff?!"
Bleeching his hair. haha
On his mission being... Cole. =)
Growing up Cole was always the one who pretended to be an animal. Mostly the cheetah! Someday ask him to do "the cheetah walk" and you will be amazed! Except, he may give the excuse, "I can't,my muscles are too big!" haha He also does a great "Rifeki" walk-the baboon from the Lion King.
Whenever a big movie would come out... ex: Lion King, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations etc.. He would "just have to get" the action figures. When Jurassic Park 1, 2, and 3 came out he would "just have to get" all of the action figure toys! He had the complete set-from the trailer, to the itty bitty plant that went in the T-Rex cage. He was obsessed!
When he was little he was obsessed at the time with Babs and Buster Bunny, but he called them Babths and Busther Bunny. haha
I have always look up to my big brother Coley! He is the only one with the ability to make me smile when I'm in any kind of mood! I would always love to hang out with Cole because of his colorful personality. There is never a dull moment when he is around!
Looking over the Verde Valley on one of the last family activities before Cole left for his mission.
Cole is a loveable person, who loves in return. He has the biggest heart, and will reach out his hand to anyone in need.He is the peacemaker in the family... But be VERY careful when he is in a bad mood. He has a temper, and i'm pretty sure he got it from dad. =) Cole is very competitive. He DOES NOT like to lose. Playing games as a family we could not let Cole lose, if he lost he would be very angry, and storm out of the room and not play again! And we'd all know how he felt about it. He takes things too personally sometimes...haha-He's so gonna kill me when he reads this! =\
Showing off his "muscles"

Cole always shared his toys with me when we were growing up. He comforted me when I was sad, and let me had a shoulder to cry on.. Even now. He let's me vent to him and tries his best to give good advice, and to help me anyway he can.. being some thousand miles away. Whenever I was scared at night he would come in my room and sleep on my floor all night long! He is just so caring! He cares about everyones feelings and wants to make everyone happy. I cannot stress enough how creative he is! He is a firecracker! While Cole is manly, and definitely all-boy, he has a super artistic side! He loves to draw and is VERY good at it. When I was a freshmen and had art class I would come home with an assignment I couldn't do and beg him to do it for me.. and he would! Shhh... =)

Cole, being my older brother has always played that part very well. He is very protective of me, and his family. He does not like to hear stories of me dating any boys! He is such a joy to have around the house, and since he is currently serving a mission in the England Manchester Mission-ladies he gets back in 6 weeks! He is most defintely missed! It is so dull without him here.

The best way to describe him is: he will always make you smile even when you are mad at him, or the word! He has the best sense of humor, and never takes himself too seriously, and that is why he is such a fun, loveable person who everyone loves to be around! He has fun, but has unwavering faith. He reasures us-as his family all the time. I am, and I think everyone who has met Cole are better people having met him. He is the complete package and the girl he marries is going to be THE luckiest girl in the world! He is just so handsome!

I love my big brother so much and cannot imagine this life without him! I love you Coley Oley Ohh! I'm so glad you were born!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hasta La Vista Cottonwood!

I have been going to and from Mesa for the past like month. Seriously, I didn't think that drive could get old, but it has. Sad. I feel like I have been living out of a suit case for the past month. I haven't spent more than a week at home for 3 weeks. And I will continue to live like this for the next 2 weeks. =(
On Wednesday I am going back down to Mesa to pass another interview for Buckle. Then I am going to Showlow on Friday for my cousins farewell, then it's back home for 2 days and off to the Heap Reunion for the rest of the week. Then...."Hasta La Vista Cottonwood!" YES!!
I am moving! First week of August is going to be the moving special! There is gonna be lots of sweat, heavy lifting, lots of trips back and forth from Cottonwood to Mesa, and lots of tears, happy and sad ones. I don't have a set date, but who cares. I am outta here and it feels good! I don't have a picture of the house, but I do have a picture from the Google Map for your viewing pleasure! Just look below. =)

I hope you can see it.. Ha it kinda is a weird picture.

I'll work on getting real pictures of the outside and inside! It's so cute! And perfect.I am so excited! It is going to be so weird living on my own! With no rules but my own! =) It's going to be so fun! The scary thing is I am going to be actually working for a living! I have to work to LIVE! Darn. I am packing my stuff this week! And that is going to be a crazy mess. Wish me luck. =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gross, Gross, Gross!!!

So my mom was standing by the front door tonight and found......

I am not sure what it is! If you look closely you can see it has 4 little LEGS and a long snake TAIL!! Weird... It was in our HOUSE! So I jumped on top of the table and screamed for my dad to get it! He, being the hero he is, killed it! YAY daddio! That sucker was gross! I wonder if there are more..... I hope not! GROSS


I was looking through my camera and decided I needed to update it, and dowload them onto the computer. There were pictures on there from 2+ years ago!! Crazy. So I finally did it, and I found some pretty funky pictures while I did it! Enjoy! =)

Me and Kaitey Class Color Day '06-'07
Pink Peeps baby!!!

I found this HILARIOUS video of Kaitey during Cheer tryouts
Year='07-'08 -sorry if you don't think it's funny.. ha
(Don't know how to turn video so just turn your head for now)

Me and Megan-lake trip

On the banana!-look how burned I got!

Me and Chels just being crazzy!

Me and Shea making silly faces!

And for the finale!!!..........Drum roll..... haha

Good ol' cheer days! haha

Man, I can't believe I let all these GOOD pictures just take up space in my camera! I definitely should clean it out more often! I take GREAT pictures! =)

Finally Got Me

Hey Everyone! I decided to start a blog of my own! I hope you enjoy it! Let's see if I can keep it up...=)