Thursday, January 20, 2011

on this fine eve'

so eric is working late tonight. & i. am. so. so. so. bored.

so far i have sat down with the electric foot messager, a fluffy blanket, & watched:
"the secrets of the secret service" the entire episode
*kinda interesting. not gonna lie...that took up about an hour in a half of my time

half of the 5:30 news..actually it was about 1/4 of it

tmz about 10 minutes of it.

the rest of last nights "the 8 limbed boy"

dr. oz

then i fell asleep....

and now i am browsing the internet..
ya know, the typical facebook stalking, blog stalking, & trying to find things i want to buy {not one thing btw}.

now i am thinking about what to eat for din since the cute, brown hair, blue eyed boy is not going to be home for another 5 hours...

*just got off the phone with him. it's actually going to be about 2 hours. for real.

my house is {pretty much} clean. 

i should probably do laundry, make my bed, and put away the clean dishes.
but instead....

i think i'll go put a load of laundry in the wash,  pick up that taco bell & xl pepsi, sit in front of the tv (again) & watch american idol
without that hot boy we talked about earlier. {he might be mad, but i'm over it. we have dvr :)}

then i'll exercise & do another load of laundry. 

most productive day. like, ever. haha {on opposite day}

wow, i feel lazy.

happy thursday!