Monday, December 13, 2010

love, me

dear organized mess of a house,

i am sososso ready for you to be just organized. and i would like you to do it all by yourself. k? k.

thanks much,

the girl who sleeps, breaths, and is inhaling all your dust

dear sweet, sweet husband whojustmessedupmynewlypaintedwallwithyourhugetvyoujusthung,

if you didn't noticed {which would be kinda hard} your wif spent all {freaking} day painting, and touching up *every square inch* of the house so we could be all done painting, and you just messed it up!

a not so happy camper
*who still loves you with all her heart.

next door neighbor girl,

i hope you don't take this any other way other than constructive critisism, but can you please, please, PLEASE really learn how to play that saxophone of yours, find a new instrument to play, or another practice spot other than RIGHT outside my front window?
it's really hard to take a nap with you playing like that in that in particular spot.
*or maybe i should just not be lazy and take a nap?

either way, it doesn't sound good...yet.

your very tired/mean neighbor to the right

dear santa eric,

i really want to know what you are making/giving me for christmas. you have been up to something for the past 2 weeks, and i am really intrigued. please give me a hint! :)

love you mostes!


Monday, October 4, 2010

donate to JoJo

so.. i work at a center called Lauren's Institute For Education (L.I.F.E.)

it's a place for kids with special needs.. (autism, down syndrom, etc...)

i have had the opportunity to work with a special friend this summer... his name is jojo.

jojo, and his family need our help!
jojo's amazing parents are trying to raise money to receive a service dog for him.
(if you don't know what a service dog is {i didn't} go here).

on november 18th at the harkins at tempe maket place
there will be a pre-screening of the upcoming harry potter movie at 7pm. 
tickets are $20.
*the only way to donate is to pre-order the tickets!  

even if you aren't a harry potter fan.{i'm not}
still come and help this amazing family who i have come to know and love! 

to learn more about jojo and his story check out this blog

*remember to email abby runyan at to get your tickets!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"movie theatre" night

last night we had our niece, chloe over for a "movie theatre" night. 

she got to pick the movie. 

she picked "my little pony" 
then we talked her into watching "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." :)
*ps: eric looks like flint lockwood. 
especially this picture:
compare it to this one

twins. except eric's hotter...

anyway, we had a ton of fun with her last night! 

she's hilar. and adorable. 
*and i LOVE that she calls me "jench"

someday... when we don't work later than 6pm
we are going to have all of the nieces and nephews over for a fun night. 
cause, ya know, we are the best aunt and uncle ever. 
just kiddin'! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

the other day i came across this post

and it made me happy. :)

 and i realized how fast time is going. 

it made me grateful to know that i get to
 spend the rest of eternity with my best friend, and the love of my life. 

i love you more, eric scott!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cabo or bust

saturday, eric and i got back from our honeymoon

we went to cabo san lucas, mexico! 

we stayed at a gorgeous mansion
owned by my dad's aunt and uncle.
(steve and marcia wade)

eric had an idea to do a mtv cribs video of the house,
cause it was so amazing!
*you can view it here

ps: the house is way better in person...

we had so much fun
just chilling by the pool,

chilling by the ocean,
and.. ya know, chilling with dolphins...

*his name is nacho. :)

we went parasailing too!

i got my hair did,

we made friends with these iguanas,

and this cute man, jorge. :)

we had such an amazing time
just hanging out alone.
no social networking aloud.
*fyi: eric succeeded :)

we had a lot of fun,
and can't wait to {hopefully} go back
with a lot of people this time. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

1 month

today, eric & i celebrated one month since this day:

 it has been thebest. month. ever.

this early afternoonish eric brought me flowers at work. 
 *it made my day just to see him. the flowers helped too. :)

i made dinner tonight too! chicken pillows  
*they are eric's fav
and i totally know why. 
seriously, so good! {and super easy!}

tonight we just chilled. 
actually... i checked eric out while he worked on the laundry room. 
we're sprucing it up a bit. 
*he's so hot when he does it. ;)

this month has seriously been the best month of my life. 
i've spent it hanging with my bff & the <3 of my life. 

im SO glad you married me. 
you've made me the happiest girl, like, ever. 
 i can't wait to spend a badjillion more years with you!

i love you SOOOOOO much! 

your wife,


Saturday, March 27, 2010

some honeymoon lovin

this is our new blog. 
pretty awesome, huh?
{i think so}

we are back from our honeymoon{ish}.
 it was so much fun! 
we did nothing.
{absolutely nothing}

and we <3 'd it. 
every minute. 

we went to a nice hotel in scottsdale, az. 
just for the weekend. 
it was nice.
on the ride to the hotel

 our room.

we came back to the real world on monday. 
got up at the crack on tuesday morn. 
drove to cali and picked up this hog:

my b-day present. 

of course we had to go hang at the beach. 

eric took some pics...

and we got back home in one piece 
at 3:30am. 

our real honeymoon is in may. 

we're going to cabo san lucas, mexico! 
we are staying here

1 week of doing nothing. 
just me and my man.

i can't wait. 

being married is the best!! 

Friday, March 12, 2010


there are 7 days to go.

and i can't wait.
that is all. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just so you know...

there are 16 days
til i marry my bff, and the man of my dreams!
{and i can't wait.}

let the count down begin. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

i heart him.

my {soon to-be} husband rocks.

we "babysat" eric's nieces and nephew saturday night
we got done at like 10:30. we were way hungry.
so we went to taco bell and got our regulars.
{bean burrito, chicken chalupa, tacos, crunch wrap supreme, and a pep...}

we got home, and decided to have a picnic.
i walked out of the room speedy quick before we ate.

and came back to eric saying, "turn around and close your eyes."

so i did.

he took me to his room and opened the door.
i opened my eyes and found a nice candlelit dinner catered by taco bell.
right there on his bedroom floor.

SO cute.
i almost died.

isn't he the best?

i think so.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


this is our count down chain.
it's zebra print.
my {adorable} sister-in-law(soon to-be), angie made it for us. :)

there are 59 more days til the wedding.
and i am really {really} excited.
(the chain is shorter than ^ that now)

i hope it goes fast.
and i hope all of this stupid planning ends soon.
{cause it's already getting super old}.

it feels like time is kinda frozen.
but i'm having so much fun being engaged!

oh. p.s.

me and eric never {like, ever} take pics together...

but here are some ones of us for proof that eric really does exist.

{i'm not just making him up}

here are some silly ones
just for kicks.

first pic of 2010..

my personal fav. ;)
he's hot.

the end.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i did have a {prettyfreaking long} post done, and posted.

it was about how pretty my wedding dress was.
and how fun it was trying it on..etc. ya know....

but eric made me delete it.
why you ask?...

because he didn't want there to be any temptation for him to peep it before the big day...

there is no longer a post about my beautiful dress, or the fun time i had picking it out,
or how its completely insane that i am getting married in like 70 days..!
(thats a whole other story..)
i love him.
like....A LOT.

and i can't wait to marry him.