Monday, January 25, 2010

i heart him.

my {soon to-be} husband rocks.

we "babysat" eric's nieces and nephew saturday night
we got done at like 10:30. we were way hungry.
so we went to taco bell and got our regulars.
{bean burrito, chicken chalupa, tacos, crunch wrap supreme, and a pep...}

we got home, and decided to have a picnic.
i walked out of the room speedy quick before we ate.

and came back to eric saying, "turn around and close your eyes."

so i did.

he took me to his room and opened the door.
i opened my eyes and found a nice candlelit dinner catered by taco bell.
right there on his bedroom floor.

SO cute.
i almost died.

isn't he the best?

i think so.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


this is our count down chain.
it's zebra print.
my {adorable} sister-in-law(soon to-be), angie made it for us. :)

there are 59 more days til the wedding.
and i am really {really} excited.
(the chain is shorter than ^ that now)

i hope it goes fast.
and i hope all of this stupid planning ends soon.
{cause it's already getting super old}.

it feels like time is kinda frozen.
but i'm having so much fun being engaged!

oh. p.s.

me and eric never {like, ever} take pics together...

but here are some ones of us for proof that eric really does exist.

{i'm not just making him up}

here are some silly ones
just for kicks.

first pic of 2010..

my personal fav. ;)
he's hot.

the end.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i did have a {prettyfreaking long} post done, and posted.

it was about how pretty my wedding dress was.
and how fun it was trying it on..etc. ya know....

but eric made me delete it.
why you ask?...

because he didn't want there to be any temptation for him to peep it before the big day...

there is no longer a post about my beautiful dress, or the fun time i had picking it out,
or how its completely insane that i am getting married in like 70 days..!
(thats a whole other story..)
i love him.
like....A LOT.

and i can't wait to marry him.