Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Engagement Saga...

i am engaged!

we have been dating for 5 weeks... kinda crazy right?
well.. we had been talking about marriage before,
and we both knew it was going to happen.
the question was when...
i knew he wasn't going to ask me for christmas
that is just not how eric rolls..
it's too cliche'.

i expected it to be in like january, or february
then have a wedding in the beginning of april,
and things would be tight.

but eric ruined all of my plans i had previously made....

the plan was:

we would drive to cottonwood on wednesday (dec. 16)
and he would ask big bad scott to marry yours truely.

but instead, this is how it went down...

after i got off work he picked me up and we headed to c-wood.
he told me before that we had to make a pit stop in fountain hills to "show" some guy this 3 million dollar home.

we pulled up to the house
and eric told me he was just going to put the key somewhere so the guy could find it etc..
so i stayed in the car.

a little bit later he came back and said the guy "called" him and told him he was running late,
so he asked if i wanted to come in and check the house.
of course i said yes.

it was way funny cause now, looking back i could tell he was way jumpy
now i know why....
he had the ring box in his back pocket the whole time...
and didn't want me to see it. haha

so.. we look through this house,
and we get to the balcony that has an amazing view!

and we are just checking it...
on the balcony railing there sat some flowers..
(that i didn't even notice til after eric pointed them out to me)
and i was phased!

i totally was content with just getting flowers!
after i grabbed them..i turned around
and there was eric holding the ring box heading down to the one knee position.......

"shut up"
that's what i said as soon as i realized what he was doing. haha

he popped the question
and i {finally} said yes
after he asked," that a yes?"
taken 10 seconds after i said "yes." :)

i totally didn't expect it at all!
but i am SO excited to be engaged to the most awesome guy on the planet!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Comes Love.....

remember this cutie?

well... HE PROPOSED!!

That's right, this girl is ENGAGED!!!

(all details to come this weekend)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's This Girl I Know....

I apologize for not updating my bloggity blog...
my creative juices just aren't flowing like I want them to lately

there are a few things I guess I should update you all on.

some things never change...
I still live at my Aunt Leisha's house (my poor aunt).
I still {hate} work{ing} at The Buckle..

so, there is this girl i know..
and she {some may say-FINALLY} has herself a boyfrien
she told me his name is Eric.
and he is {seriously} SOO awesome!!
she thinks it's getting pretty serious..(her words not mine)

Here is the first, and ONLY picture of the couple..

Here is Eric.
isn't he just super cute?!
i think...i mean, this girl sure thinks so :)

*he's perfect*

Thursday, October 1, 2009

480-Bound....Once Again

That's right folks
This girl is moving back to Mace-izzle.

I am working at Buckle (for the 2nd time).
But I'm so excited to get out of {awesome} Cottonwood.
Even though that means I'd no longer see my family everyday.
I am A-OK with that. Honestly. (Sorry fam)

For the people I've told-
I hear there are bets going.
Like ones about me getting married in the 2k10......
4 words: I. Don't. Think. So. :) (Eric...)

I promise I am going to school in January.
MCC baby!
I can't wait to get my booty down there. Cottonwood just doesn't have anything to offer me anymore-I don't even know if it did to begin with. haha
Plus the 15 minute drive to and from work-slash-into town gets old real fast.

I'll visit. Probably{not}often, but enough.
And that's ok cause I don't think anyone would miss me that much anyway :)

Moving day is October 7th.
a.k.a in 5 days! :)

Sooo..Peace out C-wood!
I probably won't miss you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

High School Daysss...

1. Did you date someone from your high school?
Sadly, yes.

2. What kind of car did you drive?
I drove a few actually..ha! Lets see... The red Aspire! Loved that car even though NO ONE could look cute driving that car.. ha it was a stick, and SO much fun to drive! I drove the HUGE red Suburban for awhile, then I BEGGED my mom to let me drive the cute little gold Chevy Cobalt..won that battle, and that is what I drive now :)

3.Did you pass your driver's license test on the first try?
Ha! No... I hit one of the red cones the first time... Hey I WAS driving the big red"'Burb" that thing is a bus!

4. Were you a party animal?
Mmm.. not so much! ha

5. Were you considered a flirt?
Hmm.. I think so. By a few girls probably.. ha Oops..

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
No way jose! That is SO not cool at Mingus.. haha

7.Were you a nerd?
Cheerleader, duh. So that means no. :) I like to think so.. haha

8. Were you on any varsity teams?

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?

10. Can you sing the fight song?
Oh yes. And do the whole dance.
"Dun dun dun...dun dun dun dun dun dun.... We're Marauders, we're Marauders. We are here to stayyyyyy We'll stand our ground, we're victory bound. We're Marauders all the way..Fight fight fight!!! Go Marauders, fight for Mingus win for Red, and Greyyyyyyy!!! Marauder pride is on our side. We'll win to-dayyy ayyy ayyyyy!!! M. A. R. A. U. D. ERS!!!!!" (Repeat song again) then replace M. A. R. A...etc. with.... "GO FIGHT WIN!!!!" :)

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
I had a lot of favs!
Mr. Knight, Mr. U, Mr. I forgot his name, but I was in his science class... haha shoot. Mrs. Rowell was awesome, Mr. Canning-what a hottie :). Mr. Sandoval.... lots more. :)

12. Where did you sit at lunch? I usually just went home. Or out with friends...Had Taco Bell Tuesdays with the cousin-Shea. Taco Bell Wednesday with Terrin, and whoever else wanted to come. Friday lunches with Justin at Wendys.. maybe that was Thursday.. I can't remember..haha

13. What is your school's first name?
MINGUS!!!! :)

14. Did you go to Homecoming? and with who?
Yes. Freshmen year-Just with the brother, Cole. Sophmore year? Alissa Parten, and Brittany Fox. Random, and weird.. Junior year? Joshua Dean Bateman:) Senior year? I was the dance planner, so I had to arrive early, but I just went with a ton of friends :)
15. Did you go to prom?
Oh yes! Sophmore year-Brian Libby :) Junior year-Tanner Walz, and I didn't go my Senior year.... had other plans :) ha Its fine!
16. If you could go back and do it all again would you?
Totally, I think it would be fun just to go back for one day and see all those crazy people again.

17. What do you remember about graduation night?
I had to sit in front, and walk with this random girl.. ok not so random, but I didn't really talk to her. Her name was Joey Morrison. I had to walk with her because I sang! I sang "This is [Our] Now" by Jordan Sparks. I changed it to "Our" instead of "My." It was SO awesome because it POURED on us right after my row sat down... I remember thinking I was going to slip and fall as I walked across the stage, but I succeeded and didn't! Sweet. Operation Graduation was amazing of course. SO much fun. Stayed up til 6 and I won a not so affective blanket and a PS2 :)

18. Where did you go senior ditch day?
Slept in. I just had a lazy day.. if I can remember. ha

19. Were you in any clubs?
I don't think so....Oh wait. Leadership, and Stu-Co! I was the Social person.. Planned all the dances. Complete WASTSE of time.. NO one goes to dances at Mingus.. unless you're Mexican, and looking for an excuse to "make fire", or "love" on the dance floor. Seriously though.
20. Have you gained weight since then?
Oh gosh.. rough subject. I lost it while I was in Mesa cause of lack of money for food. haha lived off of Ramen. But gained 8 pounds since I moved back home to good ol' C-wood. :( Changing that though soon...!!

21. Are you planning on going back for the 10 year reunion?
Depends on where it is. I doubt Jacob will plan one though.. haha he better! I've always wanted to go to one of those things!

22. Did you have a job senior year?
Nope. Can't say that I did. Spoiled, and not even mad about it! haha :)

I Tag.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

I know I am a little bit late on posting this.. But better late than never! :)

My dad is the best dad ever! Serious. He blows every other dad out there out of the water, and I'm so glad he is mine!!

Some things my dad has taught me, and things he is continuing to teach me everyday.

* How to love big!

He may look like he is a big bad , mean guy, but my dad is the nicest guy ever! He is just a big teddy bear that would do anything for anyone anytime!

* It's ok to be mad, but DO NOT take it out on other people.

Dad is known for this around our house, and I take after him. Awesome. Whenever he is having a bad day he will let you know about it, and how he feels about it. Sometimes that means being crusty and taking it out on everyone around him. Even his sweet, sweet, beautiful daughter who is just trying to do good in the world. (hint: that;s me ;))

* It IS ok to laugh at yourself.

I think this frustrates him the most about his kids. We tend to take things too seriously. My dad is the BIGGEST teaser in the world. So when he teases us he expects/wants us to laugh about it and tease him back, but we take it personally and run off and cry. I am slowly learning-or-finally learning that he really doesn't mean it, and hes only kidding. It's taken me awhile, but I think i'm finally there...Sorry it's taking so long dad! :)

He teases everyone about everything! Be careful what you tell him cause he could use it against you someday.

* My dad has taught me that sometimes it's ok to wear your heart on you r sleeve, and to tell people how you feel..Or to state your opinion I guess sounds better..haha He is always telling me to not let people walk over me. And I think I am like my mom in that way.. We don't want there to be any confrontation. My dad gets so frustrated with this cause a lot of the time after the fact we complain, and he says, "you should have told them no! Or how you really felt." We're just trying to be Christ-like :)

*He has also taught us kids to stick up for ourselves. One time I remember my brother, Cole came home from school one day and this kid made fun of him. When Cole told us who the kid was my dad said...and I quote,"You should have beat the crap outta him! You could have taken him. You are so much bigger than he is!" And my mom wonders why we are the way we are sometimes....... ;)

* He reassures us all he time that the gospel is true. He knows this, and it just comes natural to him to believe it. He is a huge example to me, and to the rest of my family in that.

* You teach by example.
Dad doesn't care at all what people think of him, and just by watching him he teaches me to not care so much either. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself, and as long as you are ok with you. Then that's it. You'll be fine.

*He taught us to not regret anything.
Dad is always telling us stories about how he wishes he was this kind of father, or he wishes he did this, or that. And he tells us all the time to not take anything for granite.

*He taught us to take care of ourselves. Physically.
If you know my dad you know he is a big guy. He is always concerned about his weight, and how he should have done better in the physical deparment. He hates it, and he never wants us to feel that way. He is constantly reminding us to not be like him-physcially. To take care of yourself, watch what you eat, and exercise.

*^ that being said..... He taught us how to LOVE food! haha I don't know if he taught us this exactly...but us kids all got that trait from him. Dads favorite food is like chips. Chips and salsa, chips, and dip, chips with cheese, chips without, every kind of chip-yuou name it-he loves it. haha Seriously.
* My dad has taught me how hard work really does pay off.

Just like my grandpa-my dads father-my dad works so hard. And he knows that if you work hard you will be rewarded, and that it really does pay off. He, with the help of my mother of course started the business my parents own and run now-Taylor and Sons Hauling. And I know it was if not the, then one of the hardest things he's had to do.. I know my p arents gave up a lot just to start this business so my family could be comfortable, and my dad could be happy again.
-Dad worked for a company previous to Taylor and Sons, and he was so not very happy there. I remember him coming home, and no one would ever want to even talk to him because he was so grouchy all the time. We were basically walking on egg shells at home. (Im sorry im telling the whole world...well ok...the 2 people who read my blog this dad). But he did it because he loves his family and it was-at the time- the only thing he could do so we could live comfortably. He worked hard. And it definitely has paid off. He is SOOOOO much hap pier now, and as soon as he quit the other company you could tell.

* I remember when I was 16 my dad taught me how to change the oil in my car.
**that doesn't mean I was actually paying attention, and could tell you how to do it, but that is something he taught me.

A few things about my dad:
He LOVES hunting! And he loves to watch it! When we were little, and the little kids now know the theme song to all the hunting shows! It's pretty sad actually...haha

His favorite colors are Blue and Green.

He loves all kinds of sports! In high school he was way good at track, foot ball, and wrestling.
In track at last minute he was chosen to do the high hurdles that he never did before, and got 4th place in the state! He ran like a black boy!
In football the NAU coach came up to his coach and said he would trade all of his players just to have my dad on his team!
He coached my older brother, Cole in wrestling. And he knew how to smash a softball for the city softball leagues.

His favorite snack-like I mentioned above-he loves chips and salsa. Mexican is definitely is favorite. Although, I think everything my ma makes he likes. Just cause he loves my mom so much!
All of this stuff and even a TON more father has taught me, and I am so grateful for it. I am so thankful my dad is mine! He is amazing to say the least, and I love him so much.
My mom always says that me and my dad are alike which is why we butt heads sometimes, but I am so glad I take after him! He is awesome! And I love him so much! I wish he understood how much I love him.

He is such a great example to me! And having him be such a great father, and husband to my mom shows me what kind of guy I should be looking for. I want one who is just like my dad!
I remember when I was little I would tell my dad goodnight and he would tell me I love you, and I would say love you to the moon and back, and he would come back with something longer, and then I'd come back with something bigger, and of course he would let me win. Sometimes I just wish times were like that again. Where I could just crawl up onto his lap-he would twist my hair of course and we'd both fall asleep.
I love my daddy! And I hope he knows that!

Thank you for being you Dad! And for being MY dad! I love you to the moon and back!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Mamma Mia!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This is the only picture I could find of my mom on my laptop..She's going to kill me when she sees this! haha

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! She is turning 29 today! (does that make up for the picture ma?? :)) So here is a HAPPY sorta belated BIRTHDAY to Mother Dearest!!!

My mom is such an amazing mom!!! The best, and I'm so glad she is mine!
Me and my mom are best friends! And I love it!
She is THE BEST friend anyone could ever wish for!

My mom has an amazing personality. She is so fun, but knows when to be serious.
She has the kindest heart, and would do ANYTHING for ANYBODY at ANYTIME . Even if her schedule doesn't match up with whatever is going on.

A little about my mom that you may have not known:
She played basketball, softball, volleyball, pom, and cheer in high school!
She has a very good voice!
She use to go bunny bashing with her friends!

Mom's in the center, next to her in the bright floral covering part of her face, is Tandy :) They are beauties aren't they?

She loves to dance. When I was little, and even now actually..Whenever my mom is baking, or cooking in the kitchen we always dance together. She'll teach me her moves, and I'll teach her some of mine! It's so fun, and I love that we make good memories like that.
When I was little she taught a singing, and dancing group for kids called, Sunshine Generation. Even though now she says she hates it, I know she loved it at the time! She would teach us the songs, and the dances, and it was SO much fun. I am so grateful that she did that for us.
There are so many more things I could tell you about my mom.. but I need a billion blog posts for that.. and there is just not enough time in this life for that! :)

Speaking of cooking, or baking, My mom is THE BEST cook ever! Seriously. Everything she makes is awesome. And I really, really hope I take after her in that department when I have a family of my own. So far I make a mean Mac and Cheese! :)

My mom has unwavering faith. She has always had a testimony of the church, and has lived righteously. She is always trying to do what is right. She has such a close relationship with our Savior. You can just feel that, and see that when you are around her. She is very Christ-like. She has this spirit about her, and you know she believes the gospel is true.
L-R-Great Grandma Chalk, Uncle Chris, Grandma Dixie, Mom-Trent in mom's arms,
Aunt Sandi next to her-holding Cole, my dad, and Grandpa Glenn.

She is a loveable person, who loves in return. She loves. And she loves BIG. If anyone comes in contact with my mom, they know they are loved right away. She has a big heart, and never let's us as her children know we are unloved. She is so caring, and amazing, and just everything! She is THE definition of a mother, and how a mother should be.

All the fam, :)
Growing up my mom was always the go-to parent. haha She hates to see us unhappy, and would say "yes" when dad would say "no." Not that my dad likes to see us happy-he is just the more strict one of the two...(he's slowly turning into a softy-the older, and more WISER he gets :))

Mom-also known as "the water fountain" by fellow family members. She is the biggest cry baby ever! When something touches her heart it really goes deep! She is always crying over everything, not bad things. Just things that are spiritual, and touching, things that mean a lot to her.
When I was little every Mother's Day I'd write a thank you letter to my mom telling her all the reasons I was thankful she was MY mom. And I could always count on at least a few tears from her! Even just telling her I love you sometimes would get the fountain going.
The sad thing is: I am JUST like her! So I really can't dog it all that much.

My mom being...well my mom has played that part really well, as well as a friend you can rely on when things are tough. I think everyone who has met mom are better people having met her. She is a big teaser, and loves to get us going. She is just so AWESOME-to say the least!!
I thought just for old times sake I'd write my mom a letter of like I used to when I was little.
So.... here it goes. (Get your tissue out ma, I KNOW you'll need it! ;))

Mom and me :)
Dear Mom,
I just wanted to write you a little letter telling you all the reasons I love you, and am grateful you are MY mom!

I love you because you make yummy dinners.
I love you because of all the fun times we have together.
I am so grateful for you and dad teaching me the gospel, and being an amazing example to me! I seriously do not know where I'd be without it, and that is SO very scary!
I am grateful for you being there for me all the time! Going to my games, and cheering me on. Between all the basketball games, softball games, and cheer competitions,you never ever complained about it. Not once. Even though I'm pretty sure you wanted to.. those cheer competitions can get way boring!
Thank you for believing in me, in everything I did, and trusting some of my decisions, even if you had to bite your tongue through it all, just so I would learn from that experience.
Thank you for being patient with me when I went through my "boy"/ugly stage. I know that probably killed you thinking, "I prayed hard for this GIRL, and she wants to be a BOY" I know that was probably not fun.
Also, for you being patient with me when I through tantrums, and fits when things didn't quite go my way.
Thank you for just being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to when my friends, or life were not so cool.
Thank you for being proud of me, and telling me you are proud of me. For the choices I make, and have made. You teach by example, and you are definitely the best example to me!
Thank you for spoiling me! :)
Thank you for all the home-cooked meals! I miss those terribly, and hope, and pray I am as good as a cook as you are!
Thank you for helping me through some rough times.
For being my best friend! One that I can always count on for anything.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for all the little things you have taught me. Like how to ride a bike, tie my shoe, do my hair, makeup, everything!
Thank you for telling me you love me. Even more. Just loving me. You are the best, and I could not ask for more!
Thank you for just being you, and for being my mom!
I love you SO much! Seriously words cannot even express my love, and gratitude to you for everything you have shown me, and taught me.
I am the girl I am today because of you (and a little bit of dad of course!)
You have taught me SO much in so little time! I cannot believe I am like old enough to get married! Crazzy huh?! Don't worry-it won't happen for awhile :)
I seriously pray that I am at least HALF as good as a mom as you are!!
You are THE ABSOLUTE BEST, and I am SO glad you are mine!!!!
Your beautiful daughter,
Jentry Ann :)

I hope your birthday was full of fun, and amazingness!! :)
I love you SO much mom!! I am OH SO happy you were born!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spin Park!

I went up to Utah this past weekend for one of the many cousins are going on a mission, and it was the farewell for him.
In Utah there is a park, and it is called Spin Park., some may call it The Carnival, or Heaven on Earth! Acually it's not really called that, but that's what I named it.. well all of us Taylor cousins did really.

Spin Park in all of its glory! :)

Anyway, at Spin Park there are amazing things to do! Like.. spin haha This park is not only for little children, but for big children too! Seriously, this park is mostly for big kids! It's amazing to say the least!
Us Taylor kids left at like 9:00 on Saturday night, and stayed at Spin Park for 2 in a half hours! Yes. That is how fun it is! There were like 3 other groups there when we got there that night, and by the time we started playing on everything..we were the only ones left for those 2 in a half hours! I guess those groups didn't like playing with us. Not even all of the Taylor cousins were there! Only about 20.... haha if you know, and have been around the Taylor gang, then you know that, that's not even a lot. :)
You definitely need to hit up this park if you happen to be in St. George, UT! It's so fun, it has a little kid play ground too! Fun for the whole family!
We went back on Sunday after my cousin, Colton's talk-good job by the way! You are going to be an awesome missionary!! And there were SO many people there that afternoon! It was crazy. We saw little kids, big kids-our group mostly contained all the big kids haha and we saw adults playing on all the toys!

To get down into Spin Park you have to walk through this cool tunnel thing and it takes you onto the jungle gym and you go from there! It's so cool.. ^ the picture above is me going through the tunnel, you can't really see what I mean. The ones below are better. Follow the huge line of Taylors.....can you see the end?! I was more towards the front of the line.. there was only like 5 people in front of me.

This is how you were really supposed to use this toy...we think.

Which eventually resulted to this... So....

We came up with this! :) Clever huh?

If you got tired of doing that.. you could.....

Climb this, or any other jungle gym...

Not extreme enough for you? Don't worry... you can just climb the great wall of China...or this rock wall!

You could bounce/swing on this.And this.

OR spin, and get sick on these!
The sky is the limit at Spin Park! The funnest of the toys was.......

THIS! First you hop on this spinny circle

Then you get a couple of strapping boys to push you around on it

Then... you fall down, and laugh so hard!

We did this seriously the whole time.. it was like our favorite. You can see all the parents staring at us.. I'm sure that was just there way of thanking us for giving their children ideas! haha

We had a lot of fun this weekend! I think Spin Park a.k.a The Carnival was one of my favorite parts though! I'm going to miss it a lot :(

**No one was seriously hurt in the pictures for the making of this blog post...:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

....A Little Bit About Me...

These seem to be going around Facebook a lot, but I decided to just do it on my blog instead.
Tell us 30 random facts about yourself then tag other people to do it!

1. I am all girl! And I can be all boy! I love to shop, OH I love to go shopping! haha I love painting my nails, (or getting them painted), I love to do hair, pick out outfits, I love jewelry, shoes, clothes, the color pink is my favorite, I love make up, but I love to get down and dirty, ride 4 wheelers, not shower for a few's fine, play, and watch sports-all of them, play video games, all things boys like to do too!

2. I really honestly do not care what other people think about me. If they don't like it that is there problem. I think I care about what I think, and how I portray myself instead...f that even make sense.

3. I really, really, REALLY want to be Princess Belle at Disneyland, or Disneyworld

4. I love to speak infront of people. I love to give talks in church, or singing in church, or school. I love the rush you get. I just really like it. The audience may not though. haha

5. It takes me awhile to come out of my shell, unless I know you. Since I've moved down to Mesa it's been hard for me to get to know people, and make friends. It's fine, I like the friends I have, but when I get together with people I don't know I shut down, and I hate it! I wish it were different. I wish people could really get to know the real me...they may like me. haha

6. I love to be warm! I thought I liked the Winter, and in some ways I still do. I just like the heat way better! I love more than anything to feel the sun on my skin! refer to Spring time post below

7. I love to eat! I am always, ALWAYS snacking, or eating something! I do not know how I am not 4 billion pounds! I just hope, and pray that my matabolism stays the same for the rest of forever! Or I could be in BIG trouble!

8. I can't stay mad at someone or mad about something for too long.. I have just learned to get over it instead of dwelling on it.. If it's something I can't control why worry and fuss about it for too long when there is so much more to worry and stress over?

9. I really, really want a twin! Or want to have twins! I love them, and think it'd be fun to be one, and have some! :) I wanna dress them the same always!

10. I still feel like I'm 10 years old! I feel like I both act, and look like it! Which isn't a bad thing I guess.. but I should be kinda growed up now.. I'm living on my own, and looking for a potential husband to be. But I don't feel like I should be where I am at all.

11. As much as I hate to admit this....I am very ditzy! I should have been born a blonde or something. takes a few rephrased words, sayings, explanations, or stories for me to really, truely get something. And I know it frustrates the people who keep having to re-word themselves. And I am sorry for that! I've recently descovered that I get it from my mamma! :)

12. I am both a social butterfly, and a home-body. I love to just sit at home and be with my family, but I love to go out and socialize!

13. I secretly wanna be a Carrie Underwood when I grow up!

14. My mom is my BEST friend!! And I miss her more than anything!!!

15. It doesn't take much to make me happy....

16. I love basketball! Whether it's playing or watching! I regret not playing it in high school, and doing stupid cheer instead. Don't get me wrong I love to dance-which is one of the reasons I did cheer, but I love the hard wood best!

17. I am scared of the dark! I sleep with a night light on, but it's a big night light..

18. I still sometimes sleep with my Blankey-I capatolized it because that's it's name. I've just started sleeping with it again ever since I moved out. I know I'm a baby.......

19. I twist my hair when I'm tired... actually all the time.I got that from my dad. He always used to want me to sit by him while he was watching tv or something, and I always hated it! I have really soft hair.. haha But now I do it all the time, and I now I let him twist mine cause I know how it feels! haha

20. I love to read! Give me a good book and I turn into a book worm! And I'm not even mad about it!

21. I have this quote that I say a lot! I heard my awesome Aunt Tandy say it once, and every since then it's stuck with me. I try and live my life by it cause it's SO true, but somedays it's REAL hard! "You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to be miserable. Which do you choose?"

22. I love my family! The extended ones and all! I know everyone says that, but really mine rocks. I love how close I am to every single 4 million of them! And I love more than anything that I am going to be stuck with them for eternity. The plan of salvation is awesome!

23. I love the gospel with all of my heart! And I have NO doubts about anything that it involves-which is everything! I feel like I love life because I have the gospel in mine! It's true. Plain and simple. How can it NOT be?!

24. I love to sing. I really want to try out for American Idol next year... I don't think I'll go far, but it's on the top of my list of "Things to do Before I Die" lists. I really think I am going to try out next year... We'll see how it goes.. If I end up going far please vote for me! :)

25. I love chocolate cake with white frosting cup cakes! Those are seriously my all time favorite!

26. I love frozen yogart! I go to Mesa Frozen Yogart ALL the time! And if I don't go I start to have Fro-Yo withdrawls! It's so sad, I know! haha Chocolate, and NY Cheesecake are my favorite! I mark in my calandar what day they have those... cause the flavors change daily.

27. I would really love to get a job working with handicap kids. I love them so much! They have the kindest hearts, and sweetest spirits! I was a teachers aide in high school, and I worked with them everday my senior year! It was seriously the funnest time of my life! A little down syndrome girl name Maddy was my best friend that year! I love her SO much! And I miss her! I am planning on visiting soon! I honestly.... if there was a huge possibility that I wouldn't have to change their diapers sometimes I would really go into that profession.. I know that's so horrible! But I really have a hard time dealing with that especially if they aren't my own siblings, or relatives.

28. I REALLY want a waitressing job. When I was little I used to pretend to be a waitress, and I loved it! I still really want that job, and maybe it will happen. I've got time :)

29. I am learning more and more being on my own is turning me into a daddy's girl. Me and my dad have never really got along. We are TOO much alike! We tend to butt heads haha But now I realized that he gives really good advice! It's all simple stuff, but it's true, and it helps a ton! I love how I can just tell him stuff, and no matter what it is he will always tell me how much he loves me, and how he knows I will make the right decision, or whatever, I know I am loved when I talk to my dad. Even if there is no advice to be given he is just there to listen. He has a different perspective on some situations than mom does, and I love it cause it's SO needed, and appreciated. I love my dad SO much!! He is my other BEST friend!

30. I love to cuddle! I am defintely a cuddle bug. I love to just curl up in a blanket, and cuddle! It's just so nice. :) haha I don't really know what else to say about that....ha

Ok it really wasn't that bad to come up with 30 random facts about me.. I thought it was going to be so hard. But it was actually fun! Try it. ha

I tag Mi Madre-it will give her a reason to blog-she hasn't in awhile, and I tag anyone else who wants to do this! It's surprisingly really fun! :)


This post goes out to my dear friend, and cousin Barry Brown!

Barry turned 23 today (Feb. 10). And he is not very happy about it! Sad. But true. He seriously is hating life right now because of his birthday! haha Poor kid.
Growing up I was never close to Barry... He was always the older cousin who, some might say (Barry), I would find any, and every excuse to tattle on.. Little does he know, I have always looked up to him. He was the cousin who I wanted so badly to be friends with. He is THAT cool! haha But now that I am older, and I guess wiser...I have discovered that Bear really isn't that bad of a guy. He has good intentions. haha No. haha Barry is seriously awesome. Since I moved down to Mesa we've become way close, finally! Almost like we've been that way like all our lives, and I am like way sad that it's taken 18...almost 19 years to discover this! I hang out with Barry and his friends a lot. Actually that's all we do. ha His friends are awesome. (shout out to you all! Even though I don't think any of them read my blog haha) Anyway, here are a few things that I've learned about Barry so far in getting to know him these 7 months. .

#1. Barry is a very quiet guy. He really doesn't talk a whole lot, he is the type of guy who just sits back, and watches what is going on around him. And it's not a bad thing!

#2. He's hilarious! Seriously he makes me laugh all the time! I couldn't even tell you what he does that makes him so funny. He just says funny stuff, and I just laugh haha

#3. Bear is a nice guy. He really has a kind heart, and cares about people. He would do anything for you! He would give you the shirt off his back if necessary. He is just a nice guy!

#4. He doesn't tell his parents anything! And, in fact he is shocked everytime I get on the phone and tell my parents what I tell them! Like one time.....There was a very dramatic happening going on in my life, and the first thing I did was call my mom and told her what happend, and Barry was SHOCKED that she was THE FIRST one I called. haha He just kept saying, "I can't believe you would tell your mom, and dad that!" He is a private person I guess haha (refer to #1)

#4. He loves the Suns. Actually I knew this before I was like born! He seriously has been a fan for his whole life, and will continue to be a fan until the day he dies I think.

#5. Is a kid at heart. I believe this becuase he is just a silly guy. He is always doing crazy things, and saying crazy stuff. He is like a little boy stuck in a big boys body! haha I have another story..haha The other night we were all just hanging out, and one of Barry's friends Matt was on the phone to his girl, and he made the mistake of leaving his car keys on the floor next to where Barry was sitting. Barry started like giggling to himself, and turned to me and said, "we should take Matt's car and hide it, and park it around the corner so he thinks someone stole it or something." I think it's a pretty clever idea so I say let's do it. We go out and make this plan of Barry's happen, we walk inside and Barry is the giddiest(if that's not a word, it is now) boy ever! He just runs and sits on the couch and is cracking up laughing at himself, and is giddy the whole night haha I guess that wasn't a very good example, but that just made me think of it. haha But it's a very good example of how Barry is.

#6. Barry thinks he is "the shiz." Really though. He is pretty cool though. I'm not gonna lie.

#7. Barry loves the gospel. And I know he has a very strong testimony of the church. He has unwavering faith, and that just comes natural to him.

Ah! I just love good ol Bear. He makes me smile, and I love him! I just look up to him so much! And I am so happy that we are close buddies!
Happy Birthday! I hope your day was fabulous just like you are Bear!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Spring Time, where art thou?!

Ok So I don't think I got the memo... did the groundhog see its shadow or what? I'm guessing not though....
Doesn't it feel like this Winter is just drrrrrraaaaaaggggggiiiiinnnnnggg on, and on?!
Don't get me wrong I love Winter time! The SNOW, the smells, the fires, the hot chocolate, the clothes..OH the clothes! EVERYTHING! But for some reason it feels like this Winter wants to stay forever, and never go away!
I am just ready for Spring! 3 reasons:
#1: Spring time colors are beautiful! Everything just seems so vibrant. The amazing flowers, the bright blue skies, the dark green grass that just screams, "roll around on me!"
Doesn't this picture just make you smile?! Ah I love it!

Reason #2: The sun shines brighter! And I love the warm! I love more than anything to feel the sun on my skin! It just feels so heavenly! And heaven knows I am white girl so bright warm sun=tan! haha I know I know.....

Oh! This reminds me of an old Barney song..."Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me! These little children are asking you, to please come out so we can play with you! Oh Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on...please shine down on.. please shine down on meeeeee!" haha You know you, the ones in the Big Purple Dinosaur era remember that song too!

#3: Love is in the air! And I LOVE it! I love seeing all the lovers..haha All the weddings that go on in the Spring. I can't wait to get married! haha

Oh Spring time please come out soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Interesting Life of Jentry Taylor....

Two weekends ago it was my cousin Mckinney's farewell. He left last week, and is serving in Mexico! He'll be so awesome over there! He is such an awesome guy! And I love him. :) Anyway, so my brother and I decided to drive up to Utah and go to his farewell!
The ride up was so stinkin long! It seriously felt like it took forever to get there, but it probably was because we made a two hour stop in Cottonwood due to my brother's procrastinating personality :) It must run in the family or something.. cause I have it to! Cole had to get his temple recommend renewed... (do you get it renewed? or just basically get a new one? haha) My other cousin, Colton, was going threw the temple that Saturday night, and Cole wanted to be able to go through with him.
Soo... off we went.. we ended up leaving Cottonwood at like 4:30. So that put us in Utah later than when I wanted to get there. Oh well... I guess ha
Oh my gosh! So I have a scary story to tell, but I don't know if I can, because it has to do with almost wrecking on the way there, and I know my mom doesn't want to hear it, or read it. So for her sake I will not post it, but basically..... We almost died! Due to my lack of 20-20 vision! That is all I am going to say about that.... We did see a deer that was almost in the middle of the road, and like 50 billion rabbits, and some fox! Crazy animals.. stay in the forest!
Moving on... I forgot what we did Friday, but on Saturday my cousins, Tanno, Nathan, and Cole decided they wanted to go shooting on the Arizona line. Well Chelsea, Jerem, and myself decided it'd be a pretty fun adventure so we took my car, and tagged along.. Until we saw how far out they were willing to go on the Arizona line.. so instead we stopped right on the line, and took pictures... Jerem is the photographer, and Chelsea, and I are the hot models!
For your viewing pleasure:



This cool picture was taken by my cousin Jerem Tenney! He's a way good photographer!
No one wanted to be the one to model at first, so I happily volunteered!
Chelsea saw how much fun I was having, and decided to join in!

We are in two places at once! :) I also ripped my pants here because we had to straddle under the barbed wire fence! Note to self: Do not straddle a barbed wire fence in a pair of your favorite jeans..... or at all! haha