Thursday, April 5, 2012

four months old

things are pretty happy {& a little crusty} around here. 

the happy:
my baby boy is 4 months old already! 

beck can suck on his toes. 

he never wears socks anymore... so i get to see his flippers feet. {they are identical to eric''s hilar}
*or when he does wear socks he just pulls them off anyway

he loves rice cereal! he is finally getting the hang of it.

he sucks his thumb on a regular basis.

lots of squeals & giggles. 
*it melts my heart

98% in weight
90% in height
95% head

he rolls over from his tummy to his back. & as of last night he rolled onto his tummy from his back! 

we got a doorway jumper yesterday! he doesn't quite know what to do with it yet, but he does like just hanging around in it. :)

now for the crusty:

beckham is teething, folks. 

he used to be the best baby, like, ever. & now he just wants to be held all. freakin. day. 

i've tried the {hylands} teething tablets, ice in a net thingy, frozen or chilled teething rings, & i just got some gum omile oil. so far the tablets work, but i am afraid of giving him too much of those. so... if you have ANY suggestions, i am totally open to them! 

i am glad there are more happy moments here than crusty ones! :)

*happy thursday, peeps!