Monday, September 10, 2012

beck is 8 months old!

i am really late posting this, but just go with it. k?

so beck turned 8 months in july! 

he is a crawling maniac, he stands up with the help of the couch, or anything to help lift himself up. he walks around while holding onto to something. he says "da da" & "na na" all the time. 

he has {tons} of energy & he gets that from his father. always on the go, jumping while holding onto fingers. 

he learned to clap his hands! 

he wears size 12 month clothes, size 4 shoes, & hates to wear a hat :(

weight- 21 pounds 75 percentile
height- 33 & 1/2 inches long. over the 100 percentile.

our little critter keeps us going all the time. he loves to eat anything off the floor, or what we put on his tray. he is seriously the {happiest} baby ever!! we love our little man & are so very blessed! <3 p="p">

happy monday, FRIENDS! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

7 months

our boy at 7 months. 

i know this is late.. cause beck is really 8 months. but just for journaling sake.. 

at 7 months beckham has two bottom teeth & he looks adorable when he smiles. :) & now he is a monster getting his top ones. 

he weighs 20 pounds 4 ounces. 

he is such a fast crawler! he is getting into everything! he still loves shoes & things with a battery. he loves books & will look at them forever! he is a go-getter. {eric mini-me?!} he will be walking before we know it! 

he is getting wayyy too big for his bouncer {single tear}. i still put him in it even though his bum has touched the ground for a long time now. i just can't get myself to put it into storage. haha

he has pretty much out-grown the saucer, jumper thing. i put him in it now & unless i'm sitting right there with him he wants out immediately. even when i sit there with him he wants out in 5 minutes or less. & of course, he still hasn't gotten the hang of his johnny jumper. 

his eyes are still very dark. he is our brown eyed boy for sure. i love it! first brown eyed grand baby for eric's family. i am so proud. :) 

he is such a blessing! i can't believe we are so lucky to have him in our life. we love our fun boy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

sunshine & summertime

welp, summertime is here!

we have a fun summer ahead of us!

2 family reunions,
 a baptism,
& a baby who recently discovered they can crawl!

we have already eaten my weight in popsicles,
& swam a ton.

btw, doesn't beck look adorable in his swim gear? :) 

i love this time of year! 

6 months old

he is half of a year already! 

i remember thinking i couldn't wait for him to get to be this old when he was born & now it is here! 

beckham is crawling! he has been trying for a few weeks now & finally has got the hang of it. 

i was sitting folding laundry on the couch & he was sitting on the floor by my feet. when i looked up he was across the room trying to get my shoes. 

this video was taken earlier this afternoon. 

beckham has his two bottom teeth! they came in about 2-3 weeks ago. first his left one & his right one followed shortly after.

he really loves shoes! i call him our little puppy because if he sees them he has to get them & chew on them. it's actually really gross. haha
he also loves anything with a battery. phones, ipods, tv remotes, watches etc... i wonder where he gets that from????

he is really starting to love eating cereal & baby food. he LOVES carrots &is not so sure about sweet potatoes & bananas.

we love our sweet boy so much. he brings so much joy into our lives & we seriously have no idea what we did without him!

Friday, May 4, 2012

videos by eric

so...  whenever i leave my phone in another room, like on the bed & walk away, eric always makes videos of himself. most of the time they are hilarious.
*let's get real. all of them are hilarious.

this one is one of my favorites.

enjoy! <3

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 months

welp, he is almost half a year old!

height:97th percentile
weight: 90th percentile
head circumference: 90th percentile

this little guy is seriously the happiest baby.

he brings so much joy unto our lives, & we couldn't be more in love with him!

eric just said, "if we could know that all our kids would be this easy, we would have them one right after another."

& i totally agree. <3

*hApPy ThUrSdAy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

four months old

things are pretty happy {& a little crusty} around here. 

the happy:
my baby boy is 4 months old already! 

beck can suck on his toes. 

he never wears socks anymore... so i get to see his flippers feet. {they are identical to eric''s hilar}
*or when he does wear socks he just pulls them off anyway

he loves rice cereal! he is finally getting the hang of it.

he sucks his thumb on a regular basis.

lots of squeals & giggles. 
*it melts my heart

98% in weight
90% in height
95% head

he rolls over from his tummy to his back. & as of last night he rolled onto his tummy from his back! 

we got a doorway jumper yesterday! he doesn't quite know what to do with it yet, but he does like just hanging around in it. :)

now for the crusty:

beckham is teething, folks. 

he used to be the best baby, like, ever. & now he just wants to be held all. freakin. day. 

i've tried the {hylands} teething tablets, ice in a net thingy, frozen or chilled teething rings, & i just got some gum omile oil. so far the tablets work, but i am afraid of giving him too much of those. so... if you have ANY suggestions, i am totally open to them! 

i am glad there are more happy moments here than crusty ones! :)

*happy thursday, peeps!