Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

I know I am a little bit late on posting this.. But better late than never! :)

My dad is the best dad ever! Serious. He blows every other dad out there out of the water, and I'm so glad he is mine!!

Some things my dad has taught me, and things he is continuing to teach me everyday.

* How to love big!

He may look like he is a big bad , mean guy, but my dad is the nicest guy ever! He is just a big teddy bear that would do anything for anyone anytime!

* It's ok to be mad, but DO NOT take it out on other people.

Dad is known for this around our house, and I take after him. Awesome. Whenever he is having a bad day he will let you know about it, and how he feels about it. Sometimes that means being crusty and taking it out on everyone around him. Even his sweet, sweet, beautiful daughter who is just trying to do good in the world. (hint: that;s me ;))

* It IS ok to laugh at yourself.

I think this frustrates him the most about his kids. We tend to take things too seriously. My dad is the BIGGEST teaser in the world. So when he teases us he expects/wants us to laugh about it and tease him back, but we take it personally and run off and cry. I am slowly learning-or-finally learning that he really doesn't mean it, and hes only kidding. It's taken me awhile, but I think i'm finally there...Sorry it's taking so long dad! :)

He teases everyone about everything! Be careful what you tell him cause he could use it against you someday.

* My dad has taught me that sometimes it's ok to wear your heart on you r sleeve, and to tell people how you feel..Or to state your opinion I guess sounds better..haha He is always telling me to not let people walk over me. And I think I am like my mom in that way.. We don't want there to be any confrontation. My dad gets so frustrated with this cause a lot of the time after the fact we complain, and he says, "you should have told them no! Or how you really felt." We're just trying to be Christ-like :)

*He has also taught us kids to stick up for ourselves. One time I remember my brother, Cole came home from school one day and this kid made fun of him. When Cole told us who the kid was my dad said...and I quote,"You should have beat the crap outta him! You could have taken him. You are so much bigger than he is!" And my mom wonders why we are the way we are sometimes....... ;)

* He reassures us all he time that the gospel is true. He knows this, and it just comes natural to him to believe it. He is a huge example to me, and to the rest of my family in that.

* You teach by example.
Dad doesn't care at all what people think of him, and just by watching him he teaches me to not care so much either. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself, and as long as you are ok with you. Then that's it. You'll be fine.

*He taught us to not regret anything.
Dad is always telling us stories about how he wishes he was this kind of father, or he wishes he did this, or that. And he tells us all the time to not take anything for granite.

*He taught us to take care of ourselves. Physically.
If you know my dad you know he is a big guy. He is always concerned about his weight, and how he should have done better in the physical deparment. He hates it, and he never wants us to feel that way. He is constantly reminding us to not be like him-physcially. To take care of yourself, watch what you eat, and exercise.

*^ that being said..... He taught us how to LOVE food! haha I don't know if he taught us this exactly...but us kids all got that trait from him. Dads favorite food is like chips. Chips and salsa, chips, and dip, chips with cheese, chips without, every kind of chip-yuou name it-he loves it. haha Seriously.
* My dad has taught me how hard work really does pay off.

Just like my grandpa-my dads father-my dad works so hard. And he knows that if you work hard you will be rewarded, and that it really does pay off. He, with the help of my mother of course started the business my parents own and run now-Taylor and Sons Hauling. And I know it was if not the, then one of the hardest things he's had to do.. I know my p arents gave up a lot just to start this business so my family could be comfortable, and my dad could be happy again.
-Dad worked for a company previous to Taylor and Sons, and he was so not very happy there. I remember him coming home, and no one would ever want to even talk to him because he was so grouchy all the time. We were basically walking on egg shells at home. (Im sorry im telling the whole world...well ok...the 2 people who read my blog this dad). But he did it because he loves his family and it was-at the time- the only thing he could do so we could live comfortably. He worked hard. And it definitely has paid off. He is SOOOOO much hap pier now, and as soon as he quit the other company you could tell.

* I remember when I was 16 my dad taught me how to change the oil in my car.
**that doesn't mean I was actually paying attention, and could tell you how to do it, but that is something he taught me.

A few things about my dad:
He LOVES hunting! And he loves to watch it! When we were little, and the little kids now know the theme song to all the hunting shows! It's pretty sad actually...haha

His favorite colors are Blue and Green.

He loves all kinds of sports! In high school he was way good at track, foot ball, and wrestling.
In track at last minute he was chosen to do the high hurdles that he never did before, and got 4th place in the state! He ran like a black boy!
In football the NAU coach came up to his coach and said he would trade all of his players just to have my dad on his team!
He coached my older brother, Cole in wrestling. And he knew how to smash a softball for the city softball leagues.

His favorite snack-like I mentioned above-he loves chips and salsa. Mexican is definitely is favorite. Although, I think everything my ma makes he likes. Just cause he loves my mom so much!
All of this stuff and even a TON more father has taught me, and I am so grateful for it. I am so thankful my dad is mine! He is amazing to say the least, and I love him so much.
My mom always says that me and my dad are alike which is why we butt heads sometimes, but I am so glad I take after him! He is awesome! And I love him so much! I wish he understood how much I love him.

He is such a great example to me! And having him be such a great father, and husband to my mom shows me what kind of guy I should be looking for. I want one who is just like my dad!
I remember when I was little I would tell my dad goodnight and he would tell me I love you, and I would say love you to the moon and back, and he would come back with something longer, and then I'd come back with something bigger, and of course he would let me win. Sometimes I just wish times were like that again. Where I could just crawl up onto his lap-he would twist my hair of course and we'd both fall asleep.
I love my daddy! And I hope he knows that!

Thank you for being you Dad! And for being MY dad! I love you to the moon and back!!!