Thursday, February 10, 2011

a {sweet} giveaway

there is an awesome giveaway going on.
*via photography blog. by the one & only pie in the sky. :)

they have shot eric's sister's super cute family
the pictures are beyond adorable.
& amanda has some pretty mad skills.

well in order to win i havta tell everyone how i would like to shoot my sweetheart.

eric & i just got married like, almost a year ago, so we have the typical engagements & the tender bridal slash tux & wedding dress photos. so something fun & totally spontaneous{ish}, shooting us in the moment style, showing our silly & pretty moments would be fun. these pics would be our first batch of our family photos.
i picture shooting my sweetheart in his sevens for all mankind jeans, the hot plaid button up shirt he just bought, & me in my dress & boots. in the background would be a field maybe with the sun setting in some photos. it would have some props, like a desk with a lamp, a cute chair/couch, or just something simple & random, like, balloons, the feeling would be romantic & sweet. :) plus kissing photos. {ps: eric told me to put that :)}

i hope i win! :)