Monday, October 4, 2010

donate to JoJo

so.. i work at a center called Lauren's Institute For Education (L.I.F.E.)

it's a place for kids with special needs.. (autism, down syndrom, etc...)

i have had the opportunity to work with a special friend this summer... his name is jojo.

jojo, and his family need our help!
jojo's amazing parents are trying to raise money to receive a service dog for him.
(if you don't know what a service dog is {i didn't} go here).

on november 18th at the harkins at tempe maket place
there will be a pre-screening of the upcoming harry potter movie at 7pm. 
tickets are $20.
*the only way to donate is to pre-order the tickets!  

even if you aren't a harry potter fan.{i'm not}
still come and help this amazing family who i have come to know and love! 

to learn more about jojo and his story check out this blog

*remember to email abby runyan at to get your tickets!