Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Interesting Life of Jentry Taylor....

Two weekends ago it was my cousin Mckinney's farewell. He left last week, and is serving in Mexico! He'll be so awesome over there! He is such an awesome guy! And I love him. :) Anyway, so my brother and I decided to drive up to Utah and go to his farewell!
The ride up was so stinkin long! It seriously felt like it took forever to get there, but it probably was because we made a two hour stop in Cottonwood due to my brother's procrastinating personality :) It must run in the family or something.. cause I have it to! Cole had to get his temple recommend renewed... (do you get it renewed? or just basically get a new one? haha) My other cousin, Colton, was going threw the temple that Saturday night, and Cole wanted to be able to go through with him.
Soo... off we went.. we ended up leaving Cottonwood at like 4:30. So that put us in Utah later than when I wanted to get there. Oh well... I guess ha
Oh my gosh! So I have a scary story to tell, but I don't know if I can, because it has to do with almost wrecking on the way there, and I know my mom doesn't want to hear it, or read it. So for her sake I will not post it, but basically..... We almost died! Due to my lack of 20-20 vision! That is all I am going to say about that.... We did see a deer that was almost in the middle of the road, and like 50 billion rabbits, and some fox! Crazy animals.. stay in the forest!
Moving on... I forgot what we did Friday, but on Saturday my cousins, Tanno, Nathan, and Cole decided they wanted to go shooting on the Arizona line. Well Chelsea, Jerem, and myself decided it'd be a pretty fun adventure so we took my car, and tagged along.. Until we saw how far out they were willing to go on the Arizona line.. so instead we stopped right on the line, and took pictures... Jerem is the photographer, and Chelsea, and I are the hot models!
For your viewing pleasure:



This cool picture was taken by my cousin Jerem Tenney! He's a way good photographer!
No one wanted to be the one to model at first, so I happily volunteered!
Chelsea saw how much fun I was having, and decided to join in!

We are in two places at once! :) I also ripped my pants here because we had to straddle under the barbed wire fence! Note to self: Do not straddle a barbed wire fence in a pair of your favorite jeans..... or at all! haha