Friday, March 23, 2012

three months old

beckham is growing sooo fast!

he loves:
bath time
his daddy
being sung to
blowing bubbles
sucking his first two fingers or his thumb
sitting in his bumbo chair
being thrown in the air
baby einstein movies
being outside
watching basketball or football
his woof woof (beenie baby with binky)

he hates:
laying down
being left alone in a room
the fan being on
his car seat...until he falls asleep
his swing :(

he has grown sooo much this month. i swear he is going to start crawling tomorrow.
{ok not really, but he is sooo big!}

he has officially grown out of his 3-6mo jammies, & is now in the 6-9mo.
*his poor feet did not fit into the 3-6 ever.

his torticollis is almost healed, i think. he can sit up straight & his neck is never hung to the right.

he sleeps through the night! usually 7-8 hours, waking up at 7:00am on the dot to eat. {i feel spoiled}

just for record keeping. when he was about 2 months he kept spitting up! seriously every. single. time. he ate... even after eating just one ounce he would like projectile spit up.. i told my pediatrician & he told me to put rice cereal (about 1tsp for ever 2 ounces) in his bottle along with formula & that has helped soooo much! he barely spits up now. he eats about 4 ounces of formula with 2tsp of rice cereal (in his bottle) every 3 hours.

when laying on his tummy he can almost scoot. he lifts his head up high & almost does a mini push-up.

he is growing so much! eric calls him an old man, & if we blink he will be! we love our little beckham. <3