Monday, December 13, 2010

love, me

dear organized mess of a house,

i am sososso ready for you to be just organized. and i would like you to do it all by yourself. k? k.

thanks much,

the girl who sleeps, breaths, and is inhaling all your dust

dear sweet, sweet husband whojustmessedupmynewlypaintedwallwithyourhugetvyoujusthung,

if you didn't noticed {which would be kinda hard} your wif spent all {freaking} day painting, and touching up *every square inch* of the house so we could be all done painting, and you just messed it up!

a not so happy camper
*who still loves you with all her heart.

next door neighbor girl,

i hope you don't take this any other way other than constructive critisism, but can you please, please, PLEASE really learn how to play that saxophone of yours, find a new instrument to play, or another practice spot other than RIGHT outside my front window?
it's really hard to take a nap with you playing like that in that in particular spot.
*or maybe i should just not be lazy and take a nap?

either way, it doesn't sound good...yet.

your very tired/mean neighbor to the right

dear santa eric,

i really want to know what you are making/giving me for christmas. you have been up to something for the past 2 weeks, and i am really intrigued. please give me a hint! :)

love you mostes!