Monday, June 11, 2012

sunshine & summertime

welp, summertime is here!

we have a fun summer ahead of us!

2 family reunions,
 a baptism,
& a baby who recently discovered they can crawl!

we have already eaten my weight in popsicles,
& swam a ton.

btw, doesn't beck look adorable in his swim gear? :) 

i love this time of year! 

6 months old

he is half of a year already! 

i remember thinking i couldn't wait for him to get to be this old when he was born & now it is here! 

beckham is crawling! he has been trying for a few weeks now & finally has got the hang of it. 

i was sitting folding laundry on the couch & he was sitting on the floor by my feet. when i looked up he was across the room trying to get my shoes. 

this video was taken earlier this afternoon. 

beckham has his two bottom teeth! they came in about 2-3 weeks ago. first his left one & his right one followed shortly after.

he really loves shoes! i call him our little puppy because if he sees them he has to get them & chew on them. it's actually really gross. haha
he also loves anything with a battery. phones, ipods, tv remotes, watches etc... i wonder where he gets that from????

he is really starting to love eating cereal & baby food. he LOVES carrots &is not so sure about sweet potatoes & bananas.

we love our sweet boy so much. he brings so much joy into our lives & we seriously have no idea what we did without him!