Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Engagement Saga...

i am engaged!

we have been dating for 5 weeks... kinda crazy right?
well.. we had been talking about marriage before,
and we both knew it was going to happen.
the question was when...
i knew he wasn't going to ask me for christmas
that is just not how eric rolls..
it's too cliche'.

i expected it to be in like january, or february
then have a wedding in the beginning of april,
and things would be tight.

but eric ruined all of my plans i had previously made....

the plan was:

we would drive to cottonwood on wednesday (dec. 16)
and he would ask big bad scott to marry yours truely.

but instead, this is how it went down...

after i got off work he picked me up and we headed to c-wood.
he told me before that we had to make a pit stop in fountain hills to "show" some guy this 3 million dollar home.

we pulled up to the house
and eric told me he was just going to put the key somewhere so the guy could find it etc..
so i stayed in the car.

a little bit later he came back and said the guy "called" him and told him he was running late,
so he asked if i wanted to come in and check the house.
of course i said yes.

it was way funny cause now, looking back i could tell he was way jumpy
now i know why....
he had the ring box in his back pocket the whole time...
and didn't want me to see it. haha

so.. we look through this house,
and we get to the balcony that has an amazing view!

and we are just checking it...
on the balcony railing there sat some flowers..
(that i didn't even notice til after eric pointed them out to me)
and i was phased!

i totally was content with just getting flowers!
after i grabbed them..i turned around
and there was eric holding the ring box heading down to the one knee position.......

"shut up"
that's what i said as soon as i realized what he was doing. haha

he popped the question
and i {finally} said yes
after he asked," that a yes?"
taken 10 seconds after i said "yes." :)

i totally didn't expect it at all!
but i am SO excited to be engaged to the most awesome guy on the planet!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Comes Love.....

remember this cutie?

well... HE PROPOSED!!

That's right, this girl is ENGAGED!!!

(all details to come this weekend)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's This Girl I Know....

I apologize for not updating my bloggity blog...
my creative juices just aren't flowing like I want them to lately

there are a few things I guess I should update you all on.

some things never change...
I still live at my Aunt Leisha's house (my poor aunt).
I still {hate} work{ing} at The Buckle..

so, there is this girl i know..
and she {some may say-FINALLY} has herself a boyfrien
she told me his name is Eric.
and he is {seriously} SOO awesome!!
she thinks it's getting pretty serious..(her words not mine)

Here is the first, and ONLY picture of the couple..

Here is Eric.
isn't he just super cute?!
i think...i mean, this girl sure thinks so :)

*he's perfect*