Saturday, January 21, 2012

two months old

i can't believe our little turkey is two months old already!! 

he is growing sooo fast! 
the dr told us to feed him less if he will allow us to, because he gained 4 pounds in less than a month! 

he barely fits into his 0-3 month shirts. they are pretty snug, but the 3-6 month shirts are a little big. 

he no longer fits into 0-3 month shoes. he got his daddy's feet. he'll be in a size 12 in no time! ;)

we had fun during this quick shoot today. i love my little man! :) 

here are more pictures of our little photo shoot:

he kept falling over! haha

we found out that he has torticollis{he holds his to the right}
you can kinda see it in these pics:

it's really not a big deal. he just has to do physical therapy 3 times a week to straighten it out. 
hopefully once that is fixed he will hold his head up like a champ! 

my favorite one! i love his gummy smile! 

we are so grateful that he is finally here! 
mom is so in love &he is his daddies #1 fan!