Monday, July 23, 2012

7 months

our boy at 7 months. 

i know this is late.. cause beck is really 8 months. but just for journaling sake.. 

at 7 months beckham has two bottom teeth & he looks adorable when he smiles. :) & now he is a monster getting his top ones. 

he weighs 20 pounds 4 ounces. 

he is such a fast crawler! he is getting into everything! he still loves shoes & things with a battery. he loves books & will look at them forever! he is a go-getter. {eric mini-me?!} he will be walking before we know it! 

he is getting wayyy too big for his bouncer {single tear}. i still put him in it even though his bum has touched the ground for a long time now. i just can't get myself to put it into storage. haha

he has pretty much out-grown the saucer, jumper thing. i put him in it now & unless i'm sitting right there with him he wants out immediately. even when i sit there with him he wants out in 5 minutes or less. & of course, he still hasn't gotten the hang of his johnny jumper. 

his eyes are still very dark. he is our brown eyed boy for sure. i love it! first brown eyed grand baby for eric's family. i am so proud. :) 

he is such a blessing! i can't believe we are so lucky to have him in our life. we love our fun boy!