Monday, April 19, 2010

1 month

today, eric & i celebrated one month since this day:

 it has been thebest. month. ever.

this early afternoonish eric brought me flowers at work. 
 *it made my day just to see him. the flowers helped too. :)

i made dinner tonight too! chicken pillows  
*they are eric's fav
and i totally know why. 
seriously, so good! {and super easy!}

tonight we just chilled. 
actually... i checked eric out while he worked on the laundry room. 
we're sprucing it up a bit. 
*he's so hot when he does it. ;)

this month has seriously been the best month of my life. 
i've spent it hanging with my bff & the <3 of my life. 

im SO glad you married me. 
you've made me the happiest girl, like, ever. 
 i can't wait to spend a badjillion more years with you!

i love you SOOOOOO much! 

your wife,