Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Beaver

Sorry no pictures
My mom, and some others keep bugging me about posting! I know, I know! I REALLY need to get with it, but despite what everyone else may think, I have a busy life! Letting guys take me out on dates is NOT always fun and games! Haha just kidding! =) But really....
Anyway, I work two jobs, and barely have enough time to have a fun life. So.. the blogging world is not on the priority list. Sorry ladies!
To give you an update though.. my amazing married couple of roommates..(Nicole and Chase) are moving back to the sweet town of Showlow. Nicole is going to be doing Massage Therapy. Nicole found out that it was going to turn out to be like $8,000 cheaper than here in Mesa. So.. out into the streets me and Cole go! haha just kidding.
I actually was offered to live in my cousins' Brigg and Kami's rental house down here when i was first thinking about moving, but when I moved down there was no room. But now there is room! So that is where I'll be living in January. One of my cousins (Barry Brown) His friend had a roommate move out just recently so that is where he is going to be living. No worries folks.. He's not a complete stranger to him. Cole knows him from the singles ward and stuff, and he's way cool... I acutally have a date with him this next week! ha..
For those of you interested..
I went on a date with my cousin's wife's cousin. haha that's kinda confusing.. but his name is Rex Willis. He's way cool, and way cute! haha if you want details let me know, and i'll tell you about it!
That is pretty much my life right now! I'll post later about my favorite holiday..Thanksgiving!! Well.. one of my favorites.. definitely on the top 3! =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ok I know I haven't like really blogged in a long time, and I am so bored today, so I decided to write about some happenings that have happened recently. Some good and some bad.
Things in Mesa are good. I really do love it down there now! It's so different than living in Cottonwood! I didn't really notice the difference until about a week ago. haha I've lived there for 5 months now. I'm not really observant.

Anyway, I love it! Except my cousin Chelsea moved back home! :( I was living with her and she left me stranded in the big city all by myself!! :( The night before she was going home she slept in my bed, and we took some crazy pictures!
We started playing wiggles, then we uped our game and played Ultimate Wiggles!
You yell out an animal right before you take the picture and try and be that animal! It's fun. Here are some pictures. It's been awhile since I looked at these and I can't Quite remember which animal we were trying to be in some of these. So.. see if you can guess! haha
WARNING: These pictures contain some not so quite "pretty" faces of myself. I promise you I do not look like this on a daily basis. I was just caught on an off day!






In this one I'm almost positive we were trying to be either, A)A Tiger, B) A Lion, or C) A bear.

Yup. We were trying to be a Giraffe. Well... at least I was!

In these last 3 we were just playing wiggles. We know. We know. We're pro.
Can you do better?! Show me! I'd love to see.
P.S. Alicia, you still have YET to show me some of your's and Dan's faces!!

Moving on..
I have the opportunity of working for my cousin Natalie Witcher-used to be Taylor.
Her and her Hubby manage a pest control business out of their home. And I go over and help with her kiddies a lot. Once they're down for their nap, I do office stuff for her.
I love it! Her boys are seriously SO cute. They get pretty crazy sometimes, but they're so cute!
This last week When I worked for her I took them to the park like every other day.
Here are some pictures of that.
I need to take more pictures of them! They crack me up sometimes and do the funniest stuff. I forget sometimes that I have a camera when I'm over there so these are like all the pictures I have of them. Sad. I know.

I put Austin in a box thing one day, and he loved it. This picture doesn't show it though. haha
This is Austin! Austina for short. haha oh he's just SO cute! He is seriously THE NICEST baby EVER! He does like to be held and played with alot, so if you can't do that becuase you are busy with the other boys, you can just put him to bed, and he'll sleep for like a half hour, hour at the longest! It's so nice!
Just for future reference: I recently taught him how to say hi! I just love his chubby cheeks and big brown eyes!! =)

This is Crusty Lu-casa. Lucas is SO sweet when his brother Ethan isn't around. haha Ethan brings out his "wild side" and together they are crazy! He's Ethan's sidekick for sure!
I LOVE how he calles me Jenner-Poop-A-Nenner! His mom taught him this, and ever since then he's called me everyday! I love it! (My Uncle Glenn-Nat's dad has called me Jenner-Penner-Popp-A-Nenner ever since I was little)
If you ask Lucas to do anything for you..he will! He is SO SO SO sweet! He is so funny. Sometimes he'll cry for no reason, and you ask why, and he'll say, "I don't know." But after you ask him that he'll stop.
Lucas loves to pretend to be animals! Especially a sharp tooth!(a T-Rex)He reminds me of how my brother Cole was when he was little. (refer to post about Cole in an earlier post).
The other day at the park he sat down by me and asked, "Hey Jenner-Poop-A-Nenner, how is your day today?" He is so cute! I love his tiny baby voice! He calls himself a baby and it's very true. He is! haha

Ethan is the one in the blue shirt. He wouldn't let me take a picture of him that day. Which is weird cause whenever I take my camera out-not very often obviously, but he usually loves it.
Ehan is definitely the big brother! He bosses Lucas around and Lucas does whatever Ethan is doing, or asks him to do.
He has the biggest, blue eyes that will make your heeart melt! it is very hard to get mad at those baby blues! He is very stubborn, and wants his way all the time! He is also VERY sweet! He loves to give Austin, and his cousin Sexy Lexi-Jill's baby, hugs and kisses all the time!
He loves to pretend to be animals like Lucas too.
He is definitely going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older! He's so handsome!
I'll have to get a picture of those big blue eyes! =)

They just wanted to play in the dirt the whole time! There really was a play ground and stuff. These are the only ones I got of them though.

Another big happening that happened...
Today I got my bangs cut, and I don't know how I like them wtih my short hair. I feel like I look like an egyptian. haha oh well...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why am I Voting Democrat?

Ok I hope you all know that I really didn't vote Democrat..(I DID get to vote this year! Crazyy!) BUT I was reading this and it made me laugh.. I thought, considering the stupidity of America yesterday that we could all use a good laugh. :) So if you want a good laugh-read on!

Why I'm Voting Democrat
Any questions?

I'm voting Democrat because English has no place being the official language in America .

I'm voting Democrat because I'd rather pay $5 for a gallon of gas than allow drilling for oil off the coasts of America .

I'm voting Democrat because I think the government will do a better job of spending my money than I could. Redistribution of the wealth is a good thing.

I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq , I know the Islamic terrorists will stop trying to kill us because they'll think we're a good and decent country. We'll just sit down and talk to them.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe people who can't tell us if it will rain in two or three days, can now tell us the polar ice caps will disappear in ten years if I don't start riding a bicycle, build a windmill and inflate my tires to proper levels.

I'm voting Democrat because it's alright to kill millions of babies as long as we keep violent, convicted murderers on death row alive for 20 years or commute their sentences to be rehabilitated into society.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe businesses in America should not be allowed to make profits. Businesses should just break even, that's all they need, and give the rest to the government so politicians and bureaucrats can redistribute the money the way they think it should be redistributed.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe guns, and not the people misusing them, are the cause of crimes and killings. Baseball bats and umbrellas may need to be outlawed too.

I'm voting Democrat because when someone with a weapon threatens my family or me, I know the government can respond faster through a call to 911 than I can with a gun in my hand. I can talk to them while waiting on the police.

I'm voting Democrat because oil companies' 10 cents profit on a gallon of gas are obscene, but government taxes of 27 cents on the same gallon of gas are just fine as a means for redistribution of the wealth.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe three or four elitist liberals should rewrite the Constitution every few months to suit some fringe element that could never get their agenda past voters. Washington needs to consult Hollywood to determine the exact meaning of the Constitution.

I'm voting Democrat because illegal aliens are not criminals, are not sucking up resources through government aid, hospital services, education, or social services, but are just people trying to make a better life by coming to America illegally. We can't blame them for that, can we? We need to have more tolerance of those illegal aliens who are forced to commit crimes in this county too.

I'm voting Democrat because I can now marry whatever I want, so I've decided to marry my Prius Hybrid.

I'm voting Democrat because Obama's past association with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, and Tony Resco are just incidents of his youth that require complete understanding by all people.

Funny eh?
I thought so.. anyway hope it made you laught. It sure did me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


8 TV Shows I like to watch:
American Idol
The Office!
The Hills
Gilmore Girls
it :)

8 Restaurants I like:
Olive Garden
Cafe Rio
Taco Bell-yes it counts as a restaurant!
Panda Express
Mom's Kitchen
Anything with good food really...

8 Things that happened today:
Woke up
Went to Buckle
Tried SO hard not to spend money today...Succeeded! :)
Picked out some shirts for Coley to buy and wear!
Went to work at Natalie Jean's
Got a speeding ticket :(
Went to my awesome Aunt Leisha's!
Got Taco Bell-Went home

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
This weekend
Some way cute pants to come in at Buckle so I can buy them:)
My Birthday
Eating dinner as soon as I finish this stupid tag thing!
Sleeping tonight!
Til my hair grows out super LOOOONG!

8 Things on my wish list:
Buy these super cute jeans at Buckle
My hair to be like so long and beautiful
A million dollars..that'd be nice
My mom didn't ground me from coming home on weekends... :(
A huge walk in closet!
Start school.. like now.
internet at my house
World peace.

I tag:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reunited, And It Feels SO Good!

Elder Cole Taylor is FINALLY home!!
Yes. The day has already come and gone. Cole finally returned home from his mission!!
On Thursday September 18th my family, more family, and more family met at the airport to pick up Cole.

We were the first ones there naturally, so when another missionaries family showed up and stood infront of us, we were not very happy! (the same family whose son left with Cole! Crazy huh?!)

My dad was the look out guy. Every 10 seconds he'd say, "there he is!" He's such a trixter sometimes.. although, I think he really thought it could have been him! haha
When he finally did see him my mom ran...seriously ran up to the front of the crowd and stood there with open arms. I wish we could have gotten a picture of her, cause when I saw her RUN to the front I couldn't help but laugh. :] Good thing Jill was on top of it, and video'd everything! Too bad I don't have that footage...

Mom anxiously waiting for Cole. BEFORE the crazy happenings. Check out the look on her face! Priceless. :)

I couldn't see over the family who rudely made there way infront of us. So I had no choice but to resort to this. :)

So Cole finally showed up! He was THE LAST one off the plane. He said he would have planned it, but he didn't have to because all the Elders sat in the very back of the plane anyways. What a punk.

Look at that face!!

Crowding him. Check out Jill with the camera!

When he was in clear view our whole family--lots of extended family too--you can imagine how many were there--we all followed mom's excited reaction and ran to the front, blocking the view for the other rude Elder's family. My cousin heard one of the Elders say, "Wow I guess my family didn't even show up." Because he couldn't see through the huge crowd of my family. haha Which I find odd.. ;] Oops... Poor missionary!

First one there! I'm telling ya... she BOOKED it!

To no one's surprise I bawled like a baby as soon as I saw his face! (I am blessed with one of my mom's talents-cry on demand). All night you could find me standing RIGHT next to him! In fact, I kept touching him on his face, and arm. I just couldn't believe he was HOME! I had to make sure of it, and touching him was reasurring. haha

I finally got my hug!

Like two nights before he got home I had a dream that I was late getting to the airport, and when I finally made it there I missed him coming out. And when I did get to see him he wanted nothing to do with me! :[ I was so sad in my dream! I cried.. not for real, but almost!

This look on my face was the one I wore all night, and all day the next day!

It has been 5 days, and I am LOVING it! I have my best friend back. :] Although, he is definitely on a weird streak, he is still the same Cole. Just quieter and sweeter! Definite score with the latter!! He does whatever I want him to do! Still in the service mode. EXAMPLE: I called him up to my room this morning to kill a spider on my door, and it two seconds flat he was up there killing the ugly demon! What a hero! I also asked to borrow his car because mine was in the shop getting the tires rotated, and he of course said yes! What a good missionary! :] I have yet to try bigger, and better "acts of service" for him! Hey take advantage of it while I can right? :]

He's just so handsome!

He had a date tonight, break him in early I guess. The girl is from Flag, and way cute! So exciting! He said he was REALLY nervous about it. I told him to just be himself, and to try and not be too weird. I also told him that it was ok if he WAS weird because he could play the "I'm weird because I just got back from my mission" card for awhile.

For those of you who are wondering...He DOES have an English accent! And it IS getting very old super FAST! I always just immitate him when he asks a question, or says something that sounds a bit TOO british. It doesn't even fase him! Which makes me mad, because I am TRYING to bug him! haha The day he got back he told us in his cute (it was cute at the time) British accent, "I have to use the toilet." HELLOO it's called the bathroom! What a goober. He also asked me,"Hey Jen, what are those things called that mums push their babies in?" I sweetly replied in my best immitation accent, "those are called strollers Elda." haha Oh joy... I love him dearly! :]

I'm sure there will be more crazy, annoying, funny, things he says and I most likely will post about them.. so stay tuned!
Anyway, It's going to be a sad departure when I have to go back to reality-tomorrow. :[ I'll see him this weekend. He said he's going down to my neck of the wood. So that's cool. I love him so much and I'm so happy he is FINALLY home!!

Have any cute, cool, fun girls, who LOVE an English accent? Send them this way! Cole is probably looking for a date or two now! :]

***Thanks for all the pictures Amber!!

Look Alike...??

When I had my long hair I constantly got comments on how I looked like Rachel Bilson.

In 2005 I went to EFY and that was when the show The O.C. was way popular, so everyone just called me Summer the whole time, and I'd respond haha (Rachel Bilson played Summer in that show). I actually had a few EFYers want pictures with me so they could tell their friends they "met" Rachel Bilson. Kinda crazy I know.

Recently I went to the store Buckle, and the girl picking my jeans and helping me out said I looked like Summer off the O.C. That has happend 2, or 3 times going in there to buy jeans.
Then... just today I got a message on my facebook from a total stranger and it said, "Okay I don't know who you are... but you look like Rachel Bilson..okay bye". Weird..
So I just wanted to see what everyone else thought.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not like I'm counting or anything....

2 is the number of eyes we have.
2 is the number of ears we have.
2 is the number of hours it takes to drive from Cottonwood to Mesa. (an hour in a half if you drive fast :]).

2 is the number of days (real days) in a weekend. (Saturday, and Sunday)

2 is the number of hands, and feet we have.

2 is the number of weeks off we have for Christmas break.

2 is the number of legs, and arms we have.

2 is the number of wheels on a bike.

2 is the only even prime number.

2 is the number of years a missionary serves.









2 is the number of DAYS ELDER COLE TAYLOR returns home from his mission!!!!!!!!!!
Yes. That is right. 2. Dos!!
Can you believe it?! I can't. I am seriously SO excited for my brother, and my best friend to finally arrive home after serving an honorable, and awesome mission in Manchester, England!

These 2 years went by SO fast! I can't believe it's almost here!!
His plane will land at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday September 18th! He is speaking in church on Sunday the 21st! So be there or be square. haha

Look at that big birthday smile :]

Ladies he will be back to normal in about a month(return missionaries are SO weird when they return home. Been there done that. :)). Call me after that and i'll hook you up with the most handsomest, funniest, funnest, genuine, sweet, hottie with a body, treats a girl right kinda guy!!

I love my brother so much! And he is seriously my best friend. I don't know how I ever survived without him these past 2 years!

He IS so tuff!

Anyway.... 2 More days! Not like I'm counting or anything.... haha

**Stay tuned for the count down by the HOUR post! :]---kidding!..maybe ;]

He is just so cute!

A face only a mother could love!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tag I'M it!

Ten years ago I:
1. Had just got baptised! :)
2Was the star student and the favorite in my third grade class!
3.Was just enjoying being a little girl.
4.Probably played with all my little baby dolls.
5.Looked like a nerd with glasses and weird, crazy teeth. haha seriously though.

The Five things on today's "to do" list:
1. Nothing
2. Hopefully go to Snowflake to visit Jilly Bean!
3. Go to Snowflake and get some cute hair flowers! :)
4. Take a nap
5. Abosultey nothing! Yayyy

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Anything chocolate-not dark, milk :)
2. Dorito Chips :)
3. Hot Cheetos with cream cheese
4. Mesa Fro Yo!! Yum yum yum
5. Chips and dip

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Go shopping! Duh.
2. Travel
3. Help my family
4. Go Shopping again! :)
5. Invest it..? I'm not too sure.. Maybe just go shopping again! haha

Five places I have lived:
1. Cottonwood, AZ
2. Cottonwood, AZ
3. Cottonwood AZ
4. Cottonwood, AZ
5. Mesa, AZ

Five jobs I have had:
1. Taylor Waste
2. Taylor and Sons Hauling
3. Enchantment Resort
4. The Buckle
5. Scorpion Tech and Pest Control

Five friends I tag...
1. Mi Madre
2. Alicia S.
3. Tandy T. (Shea :))
4. Monica M.
5. Who ever wants to do this, I tag YOU! :)

Thanks Amber! You rock! haha Okay now answer the questions yourselves and then tag 5 more people and post their names. Then go to their blog leave a comment letting them know that they've been tagged asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog. It's fun:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tandy Lashea Taylor

I found some cute pictures of Lashea and me. So I decided to do a tribute to her. =)
Lashea is seriously the prettiest girl I know-inside, and out! She is so sweet, and kind. She makes everyone she knows feel loved, and special. She has a radient smile, and an automatic attention grabber presence when she walks into a room, you can't help but look her way. She dresses SO dang cute all the time, and really doesn't even need make-up. Yes. She is THAT beautiful. Boys... Watch out. ;) Lashea is smart, and funny. She is VERY blonde, and sorta ditzy. But we still love her. =) I can't say much about the blonde, and ditzy part because, as much as I hate to admitt it... she could throw it in my face later! haha

Lashea is a worry wart. She is constantly worrying about the choices she makes, and the choices she has made. She doesn't worry so much about what people think about her, but of what her Heavenly Father, and her parents think about her, and the choices she makes in life. She ALWAYS tries to do what is right, and to live the gospel to the absolute FULLEST. She always tries to make her Heavenly Father, and her parents proud of everything to does, and keeps that in mind when she is making a decision.

Me and Shea-Shea's 5th grade promotion
Lashea is my best friend, and like a little sister to me! I have so many memories of her and myself playing little games, and making silly, and crazy videos.
Like one time-when Britney Spears was the coolest girl in the world. We had some slicky sweats, and some Rugrat sports bras and wore those ALL day long, and made up dances to pretty much ALL of her songs. We would pretend to "sign" the cd and give them out to our fans (the stuffed animals on the bed). Shea came over to my house after school one day and the Primary Focus group (a group that comes to schools to teach them the 6 pillars-Respect, Caring etc..) were at school that day, so we came home, put on our overalls (the group wore them) and we played primary focus. Our audience was our stuffed animals... again (they are so lively! haha).
We loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We would pretend to be them too, and would pretty much just play house, but we'd be Mary-Kate (me), and Ashley (Shea). We'd always fight over who was Mary-Kate because she was the tom-boy of the two. And me and Shea thought she was the "cooler" one. I always won that fight though, my arguement was, "I am older!" haha It seemed to work all the time, so I used it everytime. =) We always have the best time when we are together! We have so many inside jokes it's kinda ridiculous. Like: "We're the same! *high five* **Whisper** ALWAYS!" haha We are constantly laughing at each other's craziness! We are so much alike in some ways. Everyone says we look like sisters, let alone act like it! We are always finding ourselves thinking the same thing, wearing the same thing on the same days, and doing the same things! Without even planning it!

Even though she will try and deny it-she always did EVERYTHING I did. When I cut my hair...she cut hers. When I did something.. she was right by me doing the same thing! One time she gave me the same shirt and shorts she had for my birthday! I didn't complain because they were really cute, it was just funny to see the measures she went to for us to be "twins." I know she looked up to me, but little does she know, I looked up and still do look up to HER! She is the perfect example of a girl who does what is right all the time!

Lashea is a social butterfly! And is totally outgoing, and has tons of friends because of it! She loves her friends, and would do anything for them! She loves her family and the gospel too! She also has a huge love for sports. She is very athletic! She is an AMAZING Volleyball player, Basketball player, and Softball girl! She get's that from her mamma! =)

Like I said, Lashea is my best friend! I do not know what I would do without her! Living without her this past week and a half has been so hard! I know she will do well in school without me, and with her bro in with her, but I can't help but worry about my "little sister." She is so gosh dang beautiful, and wants to hurry and grow up too fast! She turns 16 next year, and the boys are going to flock after her! She has a good head on her shoulders, though, and she is smart, I'm not too worried. I love you Tandy Lashea SOOOOOOO MUCH! You seriously don't even know how much you mean to me!! You're like my other half, and I am always here for you! (even though I live a little ways away) I love you, don't you forget it!!

New Room

I finally got some pictures of my room-before things were all organized. I forgot to take some of the outside of the house.. Another post for another time I suppose. =)

My Closet =)
Ignore the mess-The other side of my room- it's small but just right =)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home SWEET Home

So... the time has come... I was kicked out of my house with my family, and moved into my new home in Mesa. Weird... Just as a warning, this is going to be a VERY boring post. My computer likes to be slow when it comes to uploading pictures onto my computer, and I don't have the patience to wait for it. So I just don't uploud them. SORRY!
It's only been 4 in a half days, and I love it. I didn't know it'd be THIS hard though.
I moved on Wednesday, and set all my stuff up. I have a little OCD problem though... I was hanging my clothes up in my closet and my cousin Chelsea decided to help me becuase she was all finished with her stuff. So we were hanging up my clothes, and when I hang up my clothes they HAVE to be color coordinated, and I only have pink and black hangers, so I HAVE to match the hanger the best I can with the shirt, or pant being hung. Call me crazy, but it's true! And I was doin this, and Chels was helping and I could kinda tell it was driving her nuts, but she volunteered to help, so that is what she got! Haha..
It went by way faster with her help though, so THANKS CHELS! =)
So my parents, being SO kind, and SO caring, and SO loving, bought me a new full size bed, but it wasn't going to be here til Friday, so I was supposed to bring an air mattress down with me to sleep, but I was so busy trying to get things packed that I forgot to bring the air mattress down with me. Sad right? So I had to sleep on the couch for 2 nights! =( I lived though. haha So I'm not really complaining.
I went grocery shopping for myself on Thursday! And let me tell you, THAT was very very strange! I have always gone like with, or for my madre, but not for myself. It was very weird!
On Friday I started working for my cousin Natalie, and her hubby Andy. They own a bug spraying business here in the Valley. It was way fun, and totally easy. I'm just working 4 hours for now until I get my schedule, and start working for Buckle-which is on Wednesday. =)
My parents and little sisters came down to stay the night with me in my new house on Friday night too! =) I was very excited for them to come, because I was missing them so much!
I started getting sick that night too. My lymphnoid on the left side of my neck was growing profusely(def. dont know how to spell that :)) It also hurt like... You know what! My mom thought I might be coming down with strep, but I went to the Dr. today and that is not the case. I just have a viral infection.. dumb.
On Saturday I went shopping with the whole fam. We got me a little dresser thing, some towels, a night stand, and some food. =) They love me a lot. ;)
That evening it was time to say goodbye, for the last time! It was so sad! I bawled like a baby! (I get it from me madre) I think part of it was because I was starting to get sick, and I just wanted my mommy there to take care of me. Sill.. it was sad! And I did NOT want them to leave=( I've sucked it up since then... kinda. My dad called me today and I couldn't help but not hold back the tears when he told me to get better and stuff.
I seriously don't know if I can do this! I feel so grown up, but I don't wanna be! I miss the easy life of just living at home, and not having to pay for my own things. I miss my siblings too, even Trent! Sad to say, but I miss his teasing, and tormenting me! Sure, it's nice not having it, but ah! I just hate this! It's definitely easier living with family, that makes it WAY nice, but sometime I just want to come home and give my mom, or dad a hug for the heck of it.
I had NO idea how much I took for granite while at home. Like having GOOD AC, or having a mom who makes sure the house stays clean. Now it is MY responsiblity because this house is ALL tile, and has an inch of dirt on the floor! Disgusting! If you want it clean, you gotta do it yourself. That's a big rule! haha
I never realized just HOW much, and what my mom and dad did for me while living at home with them! And I just wanted to tell them thank you! Just for EVERYTHING. Even just loving me! And telling me that you loved me constantly! I am so grateful for you guys! And I have NO idea how I would have gotten by without you!
Thank you for teaching me the gospel, and right from wrong. For teaching me to turn to the Lord for guidance, and for ANYTHING really.. For trusting me, for being proud of me, for being a PERFECT example to me. Simply, for LOVING me. You guys are THE BEST parents in the world! And I couldn't have asked for better! I love you guys SOOOO much! Words cannot explain. And I truely appreciaite EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!
....Maybe someday you guys will get lucky and I'll have pictures of my new house and room up for you to see. But for now.. just read =) sorry again..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Day Has Arrived!!

Today I started packing up all my stuff because I am finally being shipped out!
I'm moving down to the Valley tomorrow! I am SO excited, SO nervous, and SO sad!
It's going to be so crazy!
I am the type of girl who is not a big fan of change! And this my friend, is a HUGE change!
Anyway, I packed my things up today and I realized just how much crap has accumulated since I last cleaned out my room! Which was about a year ago. Dumb.
Since I am a blogger I have taken my camera EVERYWHERE and I take pictures of EVERYTHING! So here are some of my empy closets, and only like half of the boxes I have finished packing. =)
Not even half of the boxes! I have SO much crap!

My room is VERY messy from packing.. so ignore that and just look at the boxes. haha
My poor closets are going to be SO lonely! =(
Me and Kash got bored with packing, so we decided to take some pictures! =)
She did this all on her own! Shows how much she loves me! ;) Which is A LOT in case you were wondering =)

I am defenitely going to miss the little girl!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Homemade Oreo Cookies!

Home-made Oreo Cookies! Very Delicious! =)
(these ones in the picture aren't very pretty.. but they still taste VERY yummy!)

Today I made these DELICIOUS Homemade Oreo Cookies! They are 10 times better than the ones you get at the store!...Thanks Aunt Cindy!

2 boxes of Devils Food Cake
4 Eggs
2/3 cup of Oil

2 8oz. of Cream Cheese
2 Sticks of Butter
2 Pounds of Powder Sugar
2 Tsp. of Vanilla

Directions: (DO NOT follow the cake directions on box)
Mix Cookie mixture together, (dough should be thick) roll into balls, and set on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 Degrees for 8 minutes, then flatten the cookies with a spatula and bake for another 2 minutes.
After cookies cool, put frosting in-between 2 cookies and put in fridge to chill. Then....Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wiggles is a game that my family, and friends play whenever we're bored and we have a camera. I'm not gonna lie, I ROCK at making ugly/funny faces!
How to play: Don't stop moving your face around and take pictures at random times and WAHLA you get funny pictures! =)
This weekend was my cousin's farewell, and me and my cousins were pretty bored so we decided to guessed it-WIGGLES! So, here are some pictures for you to check out! =)
It's only a few... The other ones were too ugly to blog.
Now go out and play, and show me your ugly faces! =)

Bored in the car on the way to Showlow-My personal favorite! =)
Lookin' a bit chinese... haha
Shea's lookin like a clown, and Chels like Scooby Doo!

Kinda Scary... =\ haha but SO funny! Right?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy BELATED Birthday!

There are 54 more days until Cole get's home from his mission! I am SO excited! He is my best friend! And I have missed having him around the house! He will be returning home from having serve an honorable mission on September 18th!

Cole's birthday was on the 13th, so here is a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big brother!

This is Cole to the "T" he always was wearing cut off T-shirts to show his "muscles"

Coley is such an amazing brother! He has always tried to choose the right, even when others around him are not. He has an awesome personality! And is always trying to make others laugh. He is creative, and has a great imagination! Sometimes you find yourself asking, "where in the heck does he come up with this stuff?!"
Bleeching his hair. haha
On his mission being... Cole. =)
Growing up Cole was always the one who pretended to be an animal. Mostly the cheetah! Someday ask him to do "the cheetah walk" and you will be amazed! Except, he may give the excuse, "I can't,my muscles are too big!" haha He also does a great "Rifeki" walk-the baboon from the Lion King.
Whenever a big movie would come out... ex: Lion King, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations etc.. He would "just have to get" the action figures. When Jurassic Park 1, 2, and 3 came out he would "just have to get" all of the action figure toys! He had the complete set-from the trailer, to the itty bitty plant that went in the T-Rex cage. He was obsessed!
When he was little he was obsessed at the time with Babs and Buster Bunny, but he called them Babths and Busther Bunny. haha
I have always look up to my big brother Coley! He is the only one with the ability to make me smile when I'm in any kind of mood! I would always love to hang out with Cole because of his colorful personality. There is never a dull moment when he is around!
Looking over the Verde Valley on one of the last family activities before Cole left for his mission.
Cole is a loveable person, who loves in return. He has the biggest heart, and will reach out his hand to anyone in need.He is the peacemaker in the family... But be VERY careful when he is in a bad mood. He has a temper, and i'm pretty sure he got it from dad. =) Cole is very competitive. He DOES NOT like to lose. Playing games as a family we could not let Cole lose, if he lost he would be very angry, and storm out of the room and not play again! And we'd all know how he felt about it. He takes things too personally sometimes...haha-He's so gonna kill me when he reads this! =\
Showing off his "muscles"

Cole always shared his toys with me when we were growing up. He comforted me when I was sad, and let me had a shoulder to cry on.. Even now. He let's me vent to him and tries his best to give good advice, and to help me anyway he can.. being some thousand miles away. Whenever I was scared at night he would come in my room and sleep on my floor all night long! He is just so caring! He cares about everyones feelings and wants to make everyone happy. I cannot stress enough how creative he is! He is a firecracker! While Cole is manly, and definitely all-boy, he has a super artistic side! He loves to draw and is VERY good at it. When I was a freshmen and had art class I would come home with an assignment I couldn't do and beg him to do it for me.. and he would! Shhh... =)

Cole, being my older brother has always played that part very well. He is very protective of me, and his family. He does not like to hear stories of me dating any boys! He is such a joy to have around the house, and since he is currently serving a mission in the England Manchester Mission-ladies he gets back in 6 weeks! He is most defintely missed! It is so dull without him here.

The best way to describe him is: he will always make you smile even when you are mad at him, or the word! He has the best sense of humor, and never takes himself too seriously, and that is why he is such a fun, loveable person who everyone loves to be around! He has fun, but has unwavering faith. He reasures us-as his family all the time. I am, and I think everyone who has met Cole are better people having met him. He is the complete package and the girl he marries is going to be THE luckiest girl in the world! He is just so handsome!

I love my big brother so much and cannot imagine this life without him! I love you Coley Oley Ohh! I'm so glad you were born!!