Monday, October 10, 2011

whoa, baby!

we have 6 more weeks until critter comes to earth, folks.

ask me if i am excited.
go ahead. ask me.
{the answer is um, yesduh.}

things that are happy around here:

6ish weeks until i get to hug, kiss & squeeze my little guy.

critter kicks me all the time. & kicking=alive. which is obviously a good thing.

the nursery is coming along. still have to paint, but we're almost there!

the little baby onsie's & footie p'j's are SOO dang cute!
*i may or may not hold the clothes like a baby & day dream about what critter will look like. {which is adorable btw}

if you can't tell we are pretty excited around here for the arrival of this babe. it's all i think about!

it's seriously amazing how much i am crazy in love with him already & i don't really even know him yet.

i hope he looks like his adorable father.

i hope he has his eyes, & grows up to have the same drive, motivation, & positive/everything is & will be fine attitude.

i hope he gets my toes, cause eric's are too long. haha

i hope he gets my legs, & eric's torso. cause i kinda want super tall kiddos.

i know he will get both eric's & my love for pepsi or just soda/caffeine period.
let's get real. he is probably already addicted to it.

i hope he knows his dad's & my love for our Heavenly Father, & Savior, Jesus Christ.

i hope he knows that we will always love him. {no matter what}

i hope he grows up to serve a mission. & will love the opportunity to serve. just like his father.

i hope he grows up to love the scriptures.

i hope he grows up to be his dads best friend, & be a mama's boy. ;)

i hope he has my button nose.

i hope he sucks his thumb, just like i did. (but not for too long.... cause i did).

i hope he is heathly.

i hope he learns the importance of prayer.

i hope he sees how important it is to be an example. & realize how many people really do notice.

i hope he makes good choices.

i hope he has a full head of hair.

i hope he builds a testimony of the gospel.

i hope he is a chunky baby.

i hope i can teach him everything he needs to know to progress, & be a great young man.

i hope he sleeps through the night.

& i really hope he loves his parents. ;)

there are soooo many more things that i hope for this little boy. those are just a few.

i cannot wait for his arrival!

did i mention there are 6 weeks left?! :)