Monday, March 21, 2011

1 year anni

we celebrated our 1 year anni on saturday!

oh. my. gosh. i CANNOT believe it has been 1 year since this day:

 & let me just say.. it has been seriously the best year ever. 
*i would do it all over again. ;)

i hear newlyweds say that the first year was hard, but i can honestly say that this year wasn't hard at all.

maybe we just aren't normal. 
or maybe just soooo in love. haha jk. but seriously....

we spent the day sleeping in til, like, 9. it was heaven.
my parents were in town, but we kinda ignored them. {sorry ma!}
eric took my brand new bike to get fixed. 
ps: in case you were wondering. i broke it the 3rd time rididng it.. :( 
pss: who knew you weren't supposed to wear jeans when riding a bike????
eric got home & bought a bike for himself too. 
after he got home we went to get a massage. um, it was very heavenly! 
then we came back & went on a romantic ride to taco bell for lunch. then to eric's parents house & back. 
it was so much fun. & i bet people thought we were kinda strange. personally... i thought we were adorable & you would too if you saw us riding side by side holding hands.
*& yes. we really did do that. haha

after our bike ride eric told me to back my bags cause we were going to a resort for the night. 
so...a few hours later we were on the road to the boulders where we stayed til sunday afternoon. :) 

i am so grateful for the amazing guy eric is! he bends over backwards to make me happy. i love him so much & i am so glad he asked me to marry him. i feel very blessed & lucky to call him mine. :) 

love you, babe! & happy 1 year anni! :) 
here's to a whole bunch more! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


my husband is hilarious.
& part of his hilarity comes from something his family calls "the dixon sleep genes"

& eric is very affected {blessed?} with the very entertaining gene.

well..... this morning i was getting ready for work & he was snoozing in the bed.
*very, VERY asleep i might add.

then his alarm went off.
ps: it was the sound of ducks quacking.
why he thought he would wake up to ducks when he doesn't wake up to a blow horn going off is kinda mind boggling to me, but this night he chose ducks.

anyway, i hear the ducks & like always {at least a dozen times} i say, "babe/eric your alarm is going off."
which is code for turn off that annoying sound.
*if i didn't tell him to turn it off it would go off for seriously, like, an hour. or more.

so he turns over, & turns it off. as he turns back over i hear..........
& then he goes back to sleep like it didn't even happen.

freaking hilarious i tell ya.

i love that man. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i am so {so,so,soo} in love with american idol this year.

let's get real, i was a little...{or a lot} skeptical of the new judges, but i LOVE steven tyler, & j-lo is so nice! 
k, so these are my favorites:

i seriously LOVE paul mcdonald the most. 

next, casey abrams. {he's eric's fav}

then lauren.

then hotty, scotty, patotty...

& haley. {i ♥ her raspy voice}

who are your favs???