Thursday, October 1, 2009

480-Bound....Once Again

That's right folks
This girl is moving back to Mace-izzle.

I am working at Buckle (for the 2nd time).
But I'm so excited to get out of {awesome} Cottonwood.
Even though that means I'd no longer see my family everyday.
I am A-OK with that. Honestly. (Sorry fam)

For the people I've told-
I hear there are bets going.
Like ones about me getting married in the 2k10......
4 words: I. Don't. Think. So. :) (Eric...)

I promise I am going to school in January.
MCC baby!
I can't wait to get my booty down there. Cottonwood just doesn't have anything to offer me anymore-I don't even know if it did to begin with. haha
Plus the 15 minute drive to and from work-slash-into town gets old real fast.

I'll visit. Probably{not}often, but enough.
And that's ok cause I don't think anyone would miss me that much anyway :)

Moving day is October 7th.
a.k.a in 5 days! :)

Sooo..Peace out C-wood!
I probably won't miss you.