Monday, May 9, 2011

"...then comes a baby in a baby carriage."

isn' cute? :) 

i'm having a baby!!! 

oh. my. gosh. i am having a baby. ♥
*& while it's a no gendererrrr its name is critter. 

due: november 25th! 

i. can't. wait. & we are so, so sooooo {did i say so?} excited!!

i hope it's a boy.
but i hope it's a girl. 
but i hope it's a boy. 
but i hope its a girl. 
but i hope its a boy. 
but i hope it's a girl. 

i bought a new skirt today & when i told eric he said, "babe, why did you buy a new skirt? don't you know you are going to get fat?" 

awesome. i didn't realize you get fat when you are prego. {uh, duh i did.}

i can't believe how good i feel. i definitely thought i'd be soooo sick. but i'm so grateful i'm not at all. i mean, i get occasional nausea, heartburn after every. single. meal. & i'm ready for bed by 12:00pm. but other than that i feel pretty good. 

actually.. today has been the first day i haven't felt exhausted, like, i want to go to bed & sleep for the rest of my life in 3 months! :) 
i forgot what that felt like... haha

i'm already starting to show.... which i am in love with. 

*10 weeks. {i'm now 11}
i love that there is this baby in me who is half of me & half of the man who i am completely in love with. 

it's a.mazing. i love critter already. & i {seriously} can't wait to hold this babe in my arms & kiss the crap outta him/her. 

the fact that i am going to be a mother. aka: responsible for this little, tiny life kinda scares me, but i can't wait to take on a that responsibility. 

if i can be half as good of a mom as my mom was.. then i'll be fine. 

november 25th better come fast. :)