Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tandy Lashea Taylor

I found some cute pictures of Lashea and me. So I decided to do a tribute to her. =)
Lashea is seriously the prettiest girl I know-inside, and out! She is so sweet, and kind. She makes everyone she knows feel loved, and special. She has a radient smile, and an automatic attention grabber presence when she walks into a room, you can't help but look her way. She dresses SO dang cute all the time, and really doesn't even need make-up. Yes. She is THAT beautiful. Boys... Watch out. ;) Lashea is smart, and funny. She is VERY blonde, and sorta ditzy. But we still love her. =) I can't say much about the blonde, and ditzy part because, as much as I hate to admitt it... she could throw it in my face later! haha

Lashea is a worry wart. She is constantly worrying about the choices she makes, and the choices she has made. She doesn't worry so much about what people think about her, but of what her Heavenly Father, and her parents think about her, and the choices she makes in life. She ALWAYS tries to do what is right, and to live the gospel to the absolute FULLEST. She always tries to make her Heavenly Father, and her parents proud of everything to does, and keeps that in mind when she is making a decision.

Me and Shea-Shea's 5th grade promotion
Lashea is my best friend, and like a little sister to me! I have so many memories of her and myself playing little games, and making silly, and crazy videos.
Like one time-when Britney Spears was the coolest girl in the world. We had some slicky sweats, and some Rugrat sports bras and wore those ALL day long, and made up dances to pretty much ALL of her songs. We would pretend to "sign" the cd and give them out to our fans (the stuffed animals on the bed). Shea came over to my house after school one day and the Primary Focus group (a group that comes to schools to teach them the 6 pillars-Respect, Caring etc..) were at school that day, so we came home, put on our overalls (the group wore them) and we played primary focus. Our audience was our stuffed animals... again (they are so lively! haha).
We loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We would pretend to be them too, and would pretty much just play house, but we'd be Mary-Kate (me), and Ashley (Shea). We'd always fight over who was Mary-Kate because she was the tom-boy of the two. And me and Shea thought she was the "cooler" one. I always won that fight though, my arguement was, "I am older!" haha It seemed to work all the time, so I used it everytime. =) We always have the best time when we are together! We have so many inside jokes it's kinda ridiculous. Like: "We're the same! *high five* **Whisper** ALWAYS!" haha We are constantly laughing at each other's craziness! We are so much alike in some ways. Everyone says we look like sisters, let alone act like it! We are always finding ourselves thinking the same thing, wearing the same thing on the same days, and doing the same things! Without even planning it!

Even though she will try and deny it-she always did EVERYTHING I did. When I cut my hair...she cut hers. When I did something.. she was right by me doing the same thing! One time she gave me the same shirt and shorts she had for my birthday! I didn't complain because they were really cute, it was just funny to see the measures she went to for us to be "twins." I know she looked up to me, but little does she know, I looked up and still do look up to HER! She is the perfect example of a girl who does what is right all the time!

Lashea is a social butterfly! And is totally outgoing, and has tons of friends because of it! She loves her friends, and would do anything for them! She loves her family and the gospel too! She also has a huge love for sports. She is very athletic! She is an AMAZING Volleyball player, Basketball player, and Softball girl! She get's that from her mamma! =)

Like I said, Lashea is my best friend! I do not know what I would do without her! Living without her this past week and a half has been so hard! I know she will do well in school without me, and with her bro in with her, but I can't help but worry about my "little sister." She is so gosh dang beautiful, and wants to hurry and grow up too fast! She turns 16 next year, and the boys are going to flock after her! She has a good head on her shoulders, though, and she is smart, I'm not too worried. I love you Tandy Lashea SOOOOOOO MUCH! You seriously don't even know how much you mean to me!! You're like my other half, and I am always here for you! (even though I live a little ways away) I love you, don't you forget it!!

New Room

I finally got some pictures of my room-before things were all organized. I forgot to take some of the outside of the house.. Another post for another time I suppose. =)

My Closet =)
Ignore the mess-The other side of my room- it's small but just right =)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home SWEET Home

So... the time has come... I was kicked out of my house with my family, and moved into my new home in Mesa. Weird... Just as a warning, this is going to be a VERY boring post. My computer likes to be slow when it comes to uploading pictures onto my computer, and I don't have the patience to wait for it. So I just don't uploud them. SORRY!
It's only been 4 in a half days, and I love it. I didn't know it'd be THIS hard though.
I moved on Wednesday, and set all my stuff up. I have a little OCD problem though... I was hanging my clothes up in my closet and my cousin Chelsea decided to help me becuase she was all finished with her stuff. So we were hanging up my clothes, and when I hang up my clothes they HAVE to be color coordinated, and I only have pink and black hangers, so I HAVE to match the hanger the best I can with the shirt, or pant being hung. Call me crazy, but it's true! And I was doin this, and Chels was helping and I could kinda tell it was driving her nuts, but she volunteered to help, so that is what she got! Haha..
It went by way faster with her help though, so THANKS CHELS! =)
So my parents, being SO kind, and SO caring, and SO loving, bought me a new full size bed, but it wasn't going to be here til Friday, so I was supposed to bring an air mattress down with me to sleep, but I was so busy trying to get things packed that I forgot to bring the air mattress down with me. Sad right? So I had to sleep on the couch for 2 nights! =( I lived though. haha So I'm not really complaining.
I went grocery shopping for myself on Thursday! And let me tell you, THAT was very very strange! I have always gone like with, or for my madre, but not for myself. It was very weird!
On Friday I started working for my cousin Natalie, and her hubby Andy. They own a bug spraying business here in the Valley. It was way fun, and totally easy. I'm just working 4 hours for now until I get my schedule, and start working for Buckle-which is on Wednesday. =)
My parents and little sisters came down to stay the night with me in my new house on Friday night too! =) I was very excited for them to come, because I was missing them so much!
I started getting sick that night too. My lymphnoid on the left side of my neck was growing profusely(def. dont know how to spell that :)) It also hurt like... You know what! My mom thought I might be coming down with strep, but I went to the Dr. today and that is not the case. I just have a viral infection.. dumb.
On Saturday I went shopping with the whole fam. We got me a little dresser thing, some towels, a night stand, and some food. =) They love me a lot. ;)
That evening it was time to say goodbye, for the last time! It was so sad! I bawled like a baby! (I get it from me madre) I think part of it was because I was starting to get sick, and I just wanted my mommy there to take care of me. Sill.. it was sad! And I did NOT want them to leave=( I've sucked it up since then... kinda. My dad called me today and I couldn't help but not hold back the tears when he told me to get better and stuff.
I seriously don't know if I can do this! I feel so grown up, but I don't wanna be! I miss the easy life of just living at home, and not having to pay for my own things. I miss my siblings too, even Trent! Sad to say, but I miss his teasing, and tormenting me! Sure, it's nice not having it, but ah! I just hate this! It's definitely easier living with family, that makes it WAY nice, but sometime I just want to come home and give my mom, or dad a hug for the heck of it.
I had NO idea how much I took for granite while at home. Like having GOOD AC, or having a mom who makes sure the house stays clean. Now it is MY responsiblity because this house is ALL tile, and has an inch of dirt on the floor! Disgusting! If you want it clean, you gotta do it yourself. That's a big rule! haha
I never realized just HOW much, and what my mom and dad did for me while living at home with them! And I just wanted to tell them thank you! Just for EVERYTHING. Even just loving me! And telling me that you loved me constantly! I am so grateful for you guys! And I have NO idea how I would have gotten by without you!
Thank you for teaching me the gospel, and right from wrong. For teaching me to turn to the Lord for guidance, and for ANYTHING really.. For trusting me, for being proud of me, for being a PERFECT example to me. Simply, for LOVING me. You guys are THE BEST parents in the world! And I couldn't have asked for better! I love you guys SOOOO much! Words cannot explain. And I truely appreciaite EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!
....Maybe someday you guys will get lucky and I'll have pictures of my new house and room up for you to see. But for now.. just read =) sorry again..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Day Has Arrived!!

Today I started packing up all my stuff because I am finally being shipped out!
I'm moving down to the Valley tomorrow! I am SO excited, SO nervous, and SO sad!
It's going to be so crazy!
I am the type of girl who is not a big fan of change! And this my friend, is a HUGE change!
Anyway, I packed my things up today and I realized just how much crap has accumulated since I last cleaned out my room! Which was about a year ago. Dumb.
Since I am a blogger I have taken my camera EVERYWHERE and I take pictures of EVERYTHING! So here are some of my empy closets, and only like half of the boxes I have finished packing. =)
Not even half of the boxes! I have SO much crap!

My room is VERY messy from packing.. so ignore that and just look at the boxes. haha
My poor closets are going to be SO lonely! =(
Me and Kash got bored with packing, so we decided to take some pictures! =)
She did this all on her own! Shows how much she loves me! ;) Which is A LOT in case you were wondering =)

I am defenitely going to miss the little girl!