Monday, June 11, 2012

6 months old

he is half of a year already! 

i remember thinking i couldn't wait for him to get to be this old when he was born & now it is here! 

beckham is crawling! he has been trying for a few weeks now & finally has got the hang of it. 

i was sitting folding laundry on the couch & he was sitting on the floor by my feet. when i looked up he was across the room trying to get my shoes. 

this video was taken earlier this afternoon. 

beckham has his two bottom teeth! they came in about 2-3 weeks ago. first his left one & his right one followed shortly after.

he really loves shoes! i call him our little puppy because if he sees them he has to get them & chew on them. it's actually really gross. haha
he also loves anything with a battery. phones, ipods, tv remotes, watches etc... i wonder where he gets that from????

he is really starting to love eating cereal & baby food. he LOVES carrots &is not so sure about sweet potatoes & bananas.

we love our sweet boy so much. he brings so much joy into our lives & we seriously have no idea what we did without him!


runningfan said...

Ah, happy day! He is so l-o-n-g! And so darling. I love that he and Eric are twinners in their swimsuits.

Ashleigh and Todd said...

He is such a big boy!!! Can't believe he is crawling, thata boy! Love the twin swimsuits, so cute!

granny said...

It is so fun watching him grow up right in front of our eyes! Such a sweet, darling boy.